PlayStation Plus Extra - August 2022 (PS+) -

PlayStation Plus Extra – August 2022 (PS+)

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This month’s PlayStation Plus Extra line-up dropping on Tuesday August 16th

• Assassin’s Creed Unity | PS4
• Yakuza 0
• Yakuza Kiwami
• Yakuza Kiwami 2
• Dead by Daylight
• Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
• Bugsnax
• Metro Exodus
• Trials of Mana
• Monopoly Madness
• Monopoly Plus

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  1. Well I guess this month is going to be trash games

  2. Aren't these games they gave out years ago for ps plus lol

  3. I cant keep up with all these games anymore lol. These programs are great advertising for devs especially unknown gems like outer worlds. Dont forget the support the devs for projects that you like

  4. I still see Wildlands and Exidus as pay only downloads, I’m on the top ps+ tier

  5. Looking to play wildland again the last i played it i took on the predator solo. It took me 6 hours of many trial and error but i got it done.

  6. Fellas, hear me out: UNO is incredibly fun with friends.

  7. What time do the new games release on 16th, ive got everspace but im waiting for metro exodus to drop, its now 1am

  8. Dead by daylight and ghost recon is not on ps plus premium

  9. If I got ps plus premium dose it allow me play ps2 disc on a ps5 console?

  10. Tutti bei giochi ma a sto punto mi facevo l abbonamento extra non premium

  11. For those wondering: Steve, Nancy and the Demogorgon cannot be purchased in Dead by Daylight anymore as Netflix revoked the license in November of last year.

  12. Great but this new system isn't worth it, Just another cash squeeze for players

  13. i just wish wildlands was 60 fps for ps5, it already looks amazing even for today

  14. Haven't been excited once for the middle of the month games. 3 months in a row of bear minimum from sony. Wait to get this pass to see if they do better, because so far it's been embarrassing.

  15. Wildlands is actually my favorite game. I have never had more fun playing it in co-op, but I also love it in single player. Highly recommend. (I bet you could buy it for $5 somewhere if you don't have extra or essential.) Very much worth your attention

  16. is it me or metro exodus isn't a ps plus extra game? I can't download it because it says it is a premium game

  17. wow dead by daylight..what a surprise..not like we've gotten it for free like 2-3 times now

  18. Don't get excited about Nancy and Steve. They are not in Dead by Daylight anymore (for now) unless you bought them when they were available.

  19. How do I get the ghost recon I don't know where to go?

  20. You really don’t want to play dead by daylight unless you like to play against hackers

  21. Honestly if we have the ps plus game of the month we should get reimbursed

  22. Dead by daylight is NOT the best in its genre. Game is garbage. Friday the 13th is much more immersive and overall way better

  23. So it’s August 16th where I’m at (EDT/EST or east coast USA) and these games aren’t on PS+ yet… Am I missing something?

  24. Yo I love this channel but did you just call Yakuza Karaoke terrible? now that's an actual crime

  25. What time do the games get put into the catalog?

  26. Really wish they would just put legends of dragoon.

  27. What BS man….we need the whole classic library otherwise it won't compete with gamepass
    Bring blur to ps plus asap!! 😐

  28. upgrading to extra was a good choice, was a bit pissed at the start due to owning most of the AAA games, however been having a blast just trying things out, been wanting to try Yakuza games for a while, wasn't too fussed about the year of the dragon, so would like to try these ones, and ghost recon.

  29. These guys sell hard drives… Already 2 extra drives… Too many games

  30. do you permentaly own these games ore does it have a date till you cant use the mi mean besides your membership

  31. DBD gonna piss a lot of new players off 🤣🤣🤣 please come back and report your experience as new players 🤣🤣🤣

  32. I downloaded wildlands, but it says its only «trial version» tf?

  33. I hated it when the predator mission was removed

  34. Can u get me ps plus my user is joshh0716556

  35. This is an absolute scam, the complete pass is a whole joke in itself 400+ games ?? No f**ing soul plays these B class indie titles and the rest is mostly mediocre ps4 games… at least black ops 2 or smth cool like that comes out – well at least I thought that.. not even close.. and that’s the counterpart to the Xbox game pass ?? Please don’t make me laugh..

    I bought myself a ps5 a year ago and still regret it, from the fact that every here and then you have to pull the power cable bc the software just crashes to the controllers that 95% of the time have a hardcore stick drift or another problem, not to mention that every game released so far was a straight 0/10.. i still mostly play my ps4 games bc every else just absolutely sucks and those „ps5 upgraded games“ are a complete joke as well, this minor graphical upgrades for a console that costs over 650€ right now?? and I will 100% sell it again until I can build a PC..

    Long story short: please keep your hands away from the ps5 !!!!

  36. Actually Nancy and Steve aren't there anymore

  37. Is Ghost Recon wildlands campaign not free? I just played it and then got kicked after 4 hours? Was it only available for trial?

  38. Just a heads up, Predator is no longer in Wildlands due to their contract not being renewed.

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