PlayStation Plus Extra - August 2022 (PS+) -

PlayStation Plus Extra – August 2022 (PS+)

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This month’s PlayStation Plus Extra line-up dropping on Tuesday August 16th

• Assassin’s Creed Unity | PS4
• Yakuza 0
• Yakuza Kiwami
• Yakuza Kiwami 2
• Dead by Daylight
• Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
• Bugsnax
• Metro Exodus
• Trials of Mana
• Monopoly Madness
• Monopoly Plus

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  1. I like my PSP premium, but I have most of these new games unfortunate. Still though Trials of Mana is one I haven't played and I'm excited to try it. Also that monopoly madness one will be great for game nights

  2. All they need is a BackBone Support for that cloud gaming baby!

  3. Stranger things aren’t in the game anymore because of copyright claims

  4. I have all the Yakuza games and I swear like a dragon can't hold a candle to the others

  5. Why cant i claim these games? I have ps plus.

  6. My ps extra subscription ends right exactly at august 16. Rip me 😭

  7. I just hate the fact that on premium they said ps2 games where coming, brought back games like golf…….😐 and just put games that were already in the store in that ps2 category. Fuck playstation

  8. Letting you guys know if you try Dead By Daylight for the stranger things DLC won’t be possible. The license was removed from the game there for you won’t be able to play Steven & Nancy also the Demogorgon. There are rumors the the DLC might come back. But only time will tell.

  9. you're all falling victim to the same crap that Xbox did with gamepass…both consoles already have a high cost just to play online, you shouldn't be excited to pay extra to rent games from them when that feature should be in the regular membership. PC playerrs just have to pay for internet.

  10. premium on the PS4 is a scam The Ripping everybody off compared to the games you get on the PS5 that are PS4 games its bullshit I'll give you an example PS5 has Resident Evil 7 and Battlefield 1 PS4 does not what the WTF lol I see why everyone's switching to the Xbox and getting game pass

  11. I remember when dead by daylight was on psplus couple years ago.

  12. Dbd is great until you realize that high level gameplay is just a giant curbstomp.

  13. PS extra in s nutshell : be good only for the first month to take their bucks, then be the same shit we always were

  14. @2:40 why would you pronounce 'Genre' as 'Yonre'? That's seriously odd.

  15. Nice..i had DBD on my old acc but i lost it,And i didnt want to buy it again,good news 🙏

  16. Bro I hope next month we get these 13 games or at least one of them.

    1: NFS Heat
    2: Mafia 1 and 2 Definitive Edition
    3: Minecraft Dungeons
    4: Sekiro
    5: Rainbow Six Extraction
    6: Hunt Showdown
    7: Dragons Dogma
    8: Subnautica Below Zero
    9: Mass Effect Legendary Edition
    10: Immortal Fenyx Rising
    11: Guilty Gear Strive
    12: FNAF security Breach

  17. Finally Will be able to play Metro Exodus.
    Dying to try it since launch.

  18. Wanted to see tekken 6 or tekken tag on there ☹️

  19. is yakuza 0 availbe in ps plus essential ?

  20. Had PS Now and automatically got upgraded to premium. Honestly there have already been 4 games already I've liked since this dropped so I counted it as a win for this year. The games being Spiderman Mike's Morales, Demon Souls, Y's 8 + 9. If there are 4 more ill count ps+ premium worth it for the entire year and keep premium going. Side note Trials of Mana and maybe Metro Exodus are gonna make the list and finally when I get to play Ghost of Tsushima.

  21. Bit sad I bought dead by daylight few days ago

  22. When is all this coming to ps+ extra tho? Any dates?

  23. Can't wait to play Uno and DBD with my friends, the amount of scottish screaming I'll hear

  24. Monopoly looks interesting only because I’ve got dbd also trying to stay away from Tom Clancy games just recently quit r6s ik it’s not the same game but yh could they maybe add some more perks for premium membership.

  25. Where are the classic ps1 and ps2 games? Is this going to be like Nintendo's classic library ie: odd selections and less than 10 new games each sale quarter?

  26. I now regret buying the yakuza games and I could have saved money

  27. Childhood = All the time for games, no money

    Adulthood= All the money for games, no time

  28. I tell u something about ghost recon wildlands the servers are broken u cant play with friends


  30. If you haven’t played Wildlands, play it!!

  31. Wait what ?😂 they already gave us Dbd 5 years ago😂

  32. dont have a playstation anymore sold it got the new x box love it. sony continues to deliver games with terrible violence and demonisim im glad im no longer part of sony

  33. I can recommend 0 and Kiwami, but I would genuinely advise people to avoid Kiwami 2. There's a lot of changes to the game that suck the life out of it when compared to Yakuza 2, and even 0 and Kiwami, the most egregious being the removal of fighting styles.

  34. FYI for people interested in Dead by Daylight, the dbd devs cater only to the killer mains, so if you plan to play as a survivor main be prepared for all useful survivor perks to get nerfed to the point of useless at some point, also get use to something called camping and tunneling cause the devs aint gonna do shit about that. If you plan to play as a killer main it's great, if you don't suck it's super easy, they recently buffed all the killers' speed but at the same time they hardcore nerfed a very useful survivor dodge perk so it's even easier. So if u plan to play as a survivor get ready for constant frustration & disappointment and if you plan to play as a killer get ready for constant buffs and super easy wins.

  35. You cannot get the Stranger Things dlc in DBD anymore unfortunately

  36. Already played most of these games feelsbad

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