Protect Felipe at all costs - Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer -

Protect Felipe at all costs – Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer

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“Shadow Academy – White Whale (Official Music Video)” ►

And Arin pivots hard from discussion around the adoption of plant-based meat.

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  1. Vox Machina is incredible. I went down a rabbit hole after googling who is matt mercer and found some wonderful stuff. The guy is a legend.

  2. The most unrealistic element of monopoly set in london… free parking

  3. Just so you know bud, more animals die to support vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. The amount of voles, squirrels, birds, and rodents that need to be slaughtered to grow soybeans or whatever would make even the most steadfast carnivore blush. If you go vegan you might as well say you enjoy killing animals.

  4. Who framed roger rabbit is one of my favorite movies I'm glad they know about it

  5. Can't believe I only just found out in this episode why Arin is named rotparoge 🤣

  6. Arin's like "aw man I want a book club" and now I'm FROTHING at the mouth to try to not debase myself with some self-promotion of a community I'm in via youtube comments I'm DYIN squirtle

  7. Vegetarianism doesn't help the environment. It just means more nutrient draining gmo crops get planted.

  8. Matt: Makes a deal with Fabrizio to make them both stronger.
    Also Matt: I did this for Felipe
    This game is already changing him to a filthy capitalist scum

  9. I love Matt in this little series and all. Great temporary decision. BUUUUUUT can we acknowledge Arin riding that vegetarian train cuz it’s better for the environment thooooo!! Animals are super precious af they deserve better <3

  10. Matt's laugh sounds a lot like Ross's which is ADORABLE

  11. 34:04 – Winnie the Pooh, as played by "I generate my own music" Superhans

  12. Matt can you PLEASE invite Arin as a guest on Critical Role?

  13. (I want to write this in all caps but)
    With how much Arin plays monopoly, he should know that the last property in each set is worth more and gets more income, and its driving me mad.

  14. not the best but def better then green

  15. Matt should have taken the red properties


  17. Matt really turned monopoly into a collabrative rpg lmao

  18. I mean I have enough people telling me to watch Critical Role, already. I've had this name for like 17 years now. You bet everyone has informed me of its existence.

  19. I've always thought rotparoge was the nasty version of potpourri.

  20. Matt talking about recording things for Star Ocean: The Last Hope is absolutely wild to me, that was one of my favorite JRPGs for a long time.

  21. Get Matt to play Observation Duty with you, then watch as he goes to critical role and scares the shit out of everyone for another episode

  22. Matt and Dan: "oh wouldn't it be funny if something crazyy happend in the background?"
    The background between 28:00 and 29:00 : (A living dino skeleton and some sort of heist)

  23. Wow, how funny that I'm replaying star ocean the last hope as I watch this and I didn't know matt was edge until last night

  24. Matt being disgusted with the game on principle but also very successful is one hell of a punchline.

  25. I need "see girl, you're so much better than him" from Matt as a ringtone…

  26. Its after midnight I'm making brownies and I forgot to grease the pan…. So how's everyone else doing?

  27. Comment section is actually kinda tamer than I expected bar a few threads.

    All you really need to know is that humanity as a whole or at least the power hungry that have the means to act on that hunger will ruin any economic model any country agrees on, because selfishness is absolutely rampant on this planet.

    This is why capitalism barely functions, and why so many people really hate it.
    This is why communism won't and hasn't worked. If we could end selfishness and greed at a biological level in the brain, literally any of these models would work.

  28. Guess Dan still doesn’t get to meet Matt

  29. The capitalism from monopoly slowly draining Matt Mercer. He must be replenished and preserved

  30. Such a great way to help the environment. Still supports the giant fast food corporations that throw away a crap load of food.

  31. Not to "um actually" Arin's comment about leaning vegetarian lately, but I'm going to. First of all, vegetarianism isn't actually good for the environment. You're just disrupting the ecosystem by using up more soil and killing off various organisms. You want dust bowls? Because that's how we get dust bowls. Also, it's not more healthful. Humans need meat in their diets just as much as any other carnivorous/omnivorous animals.

    If you just don't wanna eat cute animals anymore because it feels bad, I get it. I honestly try to avoid pork because pigs are fucking cute as shit. If that weighs on your conscience, I feel you. I'm just saying that if the reason you're going veg is based on those non-facts that still get spread around, maybe step back and reassess your reasoning. That's all.

  32. I love the peaceful conversations with the occasional "FUCKING GOD DAMNIT" as Arin gets taxed

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