Protect Felipe at all costs - Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer -

Protect Felipe at all costs – Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer

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“Shadow Academy – White Whale (Official Music Video)” ►

And Arin pivots hard from discussion around the adoption of plant-based meat.

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  1. 28:55
    Arin: "I'm fine as long as I don't roll a 3. And I don't think that's gonna happen."
    Matt: "I don't think it is either. I believe in you."
    Arin: rolls a 3
    Me: surprised Pikachu face
    Arin: rage

  2. "you want everything spaced out evenly so that its diverse" ….

  3. 3:24 Woahhh did not expect that. Being vegetarian is not even close to the only way to help the environment. Please keep recycling, please support climate legislation and contact your representatives, please use public transportation, and please conserve water.

  4. An entrepreneur is a capitalist – oh the irony

  5. Matt: I'm bad at promotions… that's Sams job.

  6. White whale is a sick song. Checks out with how dan is currently feeling. Hope he gets well soon!

  7. 8:00 gonna really make Matt mad when he realizes jail in this game is literally a tax dodge – 3 turns of not even possibly paying rent – that you unlock by doing too good

  8. Man Matt Mercer is great for this show, love him to death

  9. Is it only collaborative because they picked a common enemy?

  10. What does… even- making games, bands, playing games everything

  11. Okay so, I’m a huge Sengoku Basara fan and found out Matt voiced Maeda Keiji in Samurai Heroes (the localization of the third game) so I’m just imagining Arin playing with Keiji. In the Judge End anime he voiced Ishida Mitsunari, who is the polar opposite personality-wise. And now there’s an image of Mitsunari being violently protective of Felipe.

  12. Did they just both agree that Felipe was a woman's name?

  13. When I was in high school (and in college) I took classes to learn Mandarin. While in high school, my teacher told us about pizza hut being fancy and I absolutely love that! Kinda forgot about that till now but brought back memories to my classes lol

  14. Matt Mercer needs to guest more, I need him to be on with Dan also. The three of them would be incredible!

  15. I love Star Ocean The Last Hope! Questionable scripts, though.

  16. Dan has a new band? Is it a spin off of Ninja Sex Party like Star Bomb was? Or is this a whole new roster of guys + Dan? And what does this mean for Ninja Sex Party?

  17. Arin's sudden bursts of rage combined with Matt's endless positivity is the exact dynamic that makes me thrive.

  18. Matt: "What significant narrative does monopoly tell? This game sucks"

  19. The thought of someone apologizing to Alexa sounds like peak Marisha, to be honest.

  20. Did anyone else get Chris Hansen vibes when matt talked about Arin Hansen's book club "hi take a seat."

  21. When Arin told Matt that "Rotparoge" is "Egoraptor" backwards… lemme tell you Matt, i felt that.
    Didn't fricking realize it either… i feel dumb and i should go to bed xD

  22. When can we get Arin on CR as a guest character? Even if it just a spurt encounter

  23. The best take I ever heard on Monopoly is now Matt asking if you can get assassinated in the game. 🤣

  24. I did not expect to enjoy this series so much, but I enjoy it a lot.
    I hope Matt Mercer comes back to the show at some point.

  25. Petition for Matt to run a One-Shot session for the Game Grumps, anyone?

  26. THIS IS HOW I FIND OUT ROTPAROGE IS EGO RAPTOR BACKWARDS??? I thought it was a classic random GG name!!!

    Existence is dread.

  27. Matt Mercer always feels like Arin's final form to me. I can't believe a Squirtle got to play monopoly with a Blastoise and it brought me so much joy. XD

  28. I do like the idea of the impossible whopper. They just need to find a solid-ish non-animal fat to make it fit the fast food feeling.

  29. "whatsherface… john- ja- jane monopoly" oh i know that one! she's from here!

  30. Why do I feel like somebody's already working on an Animated for the China Pizza Hut story? XD

  31. I thought the mouse on the screen was mine till I remembered I was on mobile 🙃

  32. Man, I know this is a Guest Grump but Matt feels so natural on this show. They are playing off each other so well.

  33. S…so nobody’s uh.. nobody’s gonna talk about Dans lamp in the intro, huh?

  34. When I had an Echo, i was always nice to Alexa because it just felt right. She helped me do things. She deserves gratitude. It just felt right

  35. I want to see Matt and Arin play Cities Skylines and really get into that city planning together.

  36. I had no clue that Matt voiced in Star Ocean. Hell I looked it up and found out Travis and Laura did too?! Tbf it was before I knew them very well but still always surprising when I find out a new voice they've done lol.

  37. Matt Mercer being bad at promotion explains why he has Sam, Laura, Ashley and… literally everyone else from the cast promote their stuff and sponsors


    me: I feel ya man

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