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Ranked Monopoly #1 Season 2 – UNIBRO MONOPOLY LEAGUE

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• chicken42069_ : Rank NEW : 1000
• Aaron_Pizza : Rank NEW : 1000
• Count Cashula : Rank NEW : 1000
• alucardshinigami : Rank NEW : 1000
• Dougs95 : Rank NEW : 1000



• chicken42069_ : Rank 1 : 1120
• Aaron_Pizza : Rank 2 : 1040
• Count Cashula : Rank 3 : 1000
• alucardshinigami : Rank 4 : 960
• Dougs95 : Rank 5 : 920
Full current (Potential Spoiler) rankings for the season here: #MonopolySwiftor



  1. Wasn’t a big fan of the role play idea… but I guess it’s not for everybody. Maybe it’ll grow on me

  2. first message on second season, ez win for oxide this one 🙂

  3. Let's GOOOOOOOO Swift! Win with the Yellow. Season 2 is yours

  4. Did anyone realize that Alucard spelled backwards is Dracula?

  5. Love the character play. Right off the bat no pun intended.lol. comical and makes everything more light hearted and fun.

  6. I like this count cashula
    He makes things interesting with the yellows thing…
    Very intrigued for the new characters

  7. Ugh, really, he keeps it up the whole game?


  8. Chicken's card of properties (lower right side of the screen), is obscured a bit by the on-screen chat in this video.
    Perhaps you could make the on-screen chat a little smaller in the future, please?
    Thank you 🙂

  9. Just like Count Dooku (from Star Wars) would say:
    "I have been looking forward to this."

  10. Let's GOOOOOOOO Count Cashula! Win with the Yellows (haha)

  11. After this game, every player was in the top 5.

  12. I would advise Count to learn from his mistake and instead of giving the behated yellow to his enemies and dying on it. He should put it in a coufin until the end, and never bring it to life even if it meant his own.
    to Swift: Great idea, and I really appreciate that you're not breaking out of character no matter what. However, I would absolutely love to see you hosting Mario! I automatically started smiling and pictured you going "Fuka these shiiet" after you landed on taxes, and everyone going "but MaAAario?!"

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