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Ranked Monopoly #2 Season 2 – UNIBRO MONOPOLY LEAGUE

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• chicken42069_ : Rank 1 : 1120
• Vorak_z : Rank NEW : 1000
• thebry_47 : Rank NEW : 1000
• almighty2797 : Rank NEW : 1000
• RNGPrime : Rank NEW : 1000



• chicken42069_ : Rank 1 : 1155
• Vorak_z : Rank 8 : 921
• thebry_47 : Rank 2 : 1121
• almighty2797 : Rank 6 : 961
• RNGPrime : Rank 4 : 1001
Full current (Potential Spoiler) rankings for the season here: #MonopolySwiftor



  1. 1:06:22 how have you not figured out how mortgaging works by now??? He owed you fucking nothing. You mortgage it on your turn and are in the exact same situation as if you had kept the mortgage. 16 is keep mortgage, 176 is repay. It mortgages again for 160. You pay 16$ regardless. Absolute fucking scam. How does even Chicken not figure it out when you're literally talking about how much money Bry has to pay you for making a literally irrelevant mistake.Also the deal itself was a scam too, you paid him like 70$ over the mortgage value of those properties. And after the 16$ back it's like 54$ for a brown monopoly and 3 other properties. But that's his misplay. The mortgaging thing is just annoying.

  2. The rngprime love it even though he lost it was a great video wish he would make videos like 👍 this 😃

  3. chicken think chicken smart, but chicken no realize that flaming a consistent play group means chicken no get good deal in future. Chicken salty that when chicken add extra cost to deal because opponent thinking that opponent reject deal. chicken actually play bad as chicken didn't consider that opponents play different from chicken, chicken no realize that monopoly has meta-politics and that opponents may choose emotion over logic. Chicken seems easy to tilt. – Seriously though, its not just about making a deal that you think is even, its about convincing your opponent that it is even as well, as someone wins more and more games, they will get worse and worse deals, as their opponents will be more wary of what that person can do with resources they get. Focusing on optimal play and flaming those who don't follow it actually stifles innovation and ironically, optimal play.

  4. Once again a case of: hold your cards when ahead 🙂 if you are ahead, do not lessen your chance of a win 😉

  5. Such an undeserved win. Chicken and Vorak were a bit salty this game but it was totally understandable, I would be fuming were I in their shoes.

  6. Chicken is a bully when it comes to trading

  7. Not gonna lie, I preferred watching these without the roleplaying.

  8. I like the role play but I found myself having to put my ear up to the speaker to understand what you were saying

  9. Hey all, don't worry, RNGPrime is off to the recycling center – won't be back. Maybe another easier to understand bot with more heart will make a visit though.

  10. Let's GOOOOOOOO "Swift"! Win with the Dark Blues.

  11. Why was the message "Chicken is a manipulator" in Twitch chat deleted?

  12. Not a big fan of this character,

    Mostly just because the voice changer is difficult to understand

  13. i’m waiting for a character like BalticBee to make an entrance where he really wants those damn browns

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