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Ranked Monopoly #3 Season 2 – UNIBRO MONOPOLY LEAGUE

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• chicken42069_ : Rank 1 : 1155
• TheGP10 : Rank NEW : 1000
• jay1521zg : Rank NEW : 1000
• shadoom90 : Rank NEW : 1000
• Lester : Rank NEW : 1000



• chicken42069_ : Rank 3 : 1109
• TheGP10 : Rank 11 : 921
• jay1521zg : Rank 4 : 1041
• shadoom90 : Rank 6 : 1001
• Lester : Rank 1 : 1121
Full current (Potential Spoiler) rankings for the season here: #MonopolySwiftor



  1. So much salt from vorak only cause he lost 1st if they made that same deal and say bry or almighty lost 1st he would have said that was why they lost but in the end bry slow playing the trades and almighty aswell won bry the game

  2. 1:40:06 sell red houses, build on green, easy win. Both Lester and Shadoom hit it next turn. So surprised Jay didn't do it considering the epic play he made a minute ago that paid off. I love those high level optimization plays. Boo!!!

  3. Any way to possibly get into a game with you swift? Weirdly addicted to monopoly rn would b dope to roll sum dice with you

  4. I shall get first comment on Preston’s Game I will

  5. I didn't think I would like this characters so much
    Right now I have
    1 cashula (all bcs of uncle Anthony)
    2 Lester (amazing energy)
    3 normal swift
    Keep up the good work swift

  6. Let's GOOOOOOOO Swift (aka Lester). Win with the Green!

  7. Lester and chicken complement each other positive and negative

  8. The channel should be called “Lestopoly”

  9. Lester was an amazing move, as he completely shut down the discussion and thinking of the players, while also making the game less toxic.

  10. Best monopoly game yet I hope Lester comes back

  11. I was hoping to see Lester Crest (from GTA V).
    Who is this Lester?

  12. Jay never crashed, it was just a noise complaint xD

  13. I am 30 seconds in and Lester is truly fantastic. He shouldn't come out a lot, but it would be nice to have him back.

  14. I love seeing that Lester seems popular in the comments – but I think I’ll be skimming through the episodes he participated in, just not my cup of tea.

    I find it quite funny i seem to be the only one who loves chicken as a player, and seem to be the only one that disliked Lester. Maybe somethings wrong with me 🤣

  15. Im guessing future characters going to have less energy be good if the winning characters
    have a playoff at the end of the series.

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