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Rare “Monopoly Live” Electronic Board Game Tutorial And Demo

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Monopoly Live Electronic Board Game Tutorial And Demo
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  1. I’m trying to get this for a really long time. 😩😣

  2. Actually just got a french version of it in Belgium! 7€ and nothing is missing or scratch 🙂

  3. this is a really cool version of the game, with it being controlled by touch. I am curious as to its date of first publication was it this year?

  4. I notice these are the British properties.

    Wonder if they made an American version?

  5. I have this game, but keeps saying somthing is wrong with th board. Ideas

  6. From where could we get this?😩😩😩😩 please tell

  7. Hi, could I use a snippet of this video for a Battleship Live review I’m doing? I will, of course, credit and link your channel if you wish.

  8. Creating such complicated and well working software for monopoly must have been a challange. Great stuff;)

  9. Any reason why its not on sale anymore? a) Is a newer version coming out, was this a demo test set? b) Did they discontinue because there were problems with the game? c) or was it meant to be limited edition only?

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