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Rare “Monopoly Live” Electronic Board Game Tutorial And Demo

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Monopoly Live Electronic Board Game Tutorial And Demo
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  1. my Monopoly Live Taxi token or the sensors having hard times detecting. Certain areas can but not for some. Is the Tower sensor problem or the Taxi issue? how to repair or replace it?

  2. 'welcome to jail.'as if you want to be there.oh wait you would by the end of the game.

  3. I’m trying to get this for a really long time. 😩😣

  4. another rare game is monopoly ecuador

  5. Actually just got a french version of it in Belgium! 7€ and nothing is missing or scratch 🙂

  6. this is a really cool version of the game, with it being controlled by touch. I am curious as to its date of first publication was it this year?

  7. I notice these are the British properties.

    Wonder if they made an American version?

  8. I have this game, but keeps saying somthing is wrong with th board. Ideas

  9. From where could we get this?😩😩😩😩 please tell

  10. Hi, could I use a snippet of this video for a Battleship Live review I’m doing? I will, of course, credit and link your channel if you wish.

  11. Creating such complicated and well working software for monopoly must have been a challange. Great stuff;)

  12. Any reason why its not on sale anymore? a) Is a newer version coming out, was this a demo test set? b) Did they discontinue because there were problems with the game? c) or was it meant to be limited edition only?

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