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RDCWorld1 HILARIOUS Game Of Monopoly Plus With Ben This Time!

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  1. Someone said it sound like Ben mic is dipped in BBQ sauce 😂

  2. I thought you were supposed to go around one full turn before you can start buying property?

  3. You can start buying straight out the gate people who tell y'all "go once around" was getting skunked 😂😂😂

  4. Dylan didn’t say orange he said 400 for pink.

    Also glad to see Des catch a dub!

  5. Leland with the Monica, my boy, listen to that the other day

  6. They gotta stop playing this, shit gone get real outa nowhere trust me 😂😂.

  7. Dylan's off mic laugh had me laughing😂

  8. I thought the title said Ben was here this time… where he at?

  9. I love rdc but how they go from snappin on call of duty to struggling to make a trade on monopoly 🤣

  10. Shit reminded me of the seen off life where shawty needed them two dollars😂😂

  11. That nigga Dylan asked for 2 dollars 😂😂😂😂

  12. Dylan ran up Leland's check another $5 to flex on him and then came back to ask him for 2 more dollars. That's crazy.

  13. Dylan hoed the trade Ben almost came up off mark

  14. Dez was like the future androids against the z fighters at the end🤣

  15. for as much as mark talks shit.. he really cost them the game ahahh. Karma one hell of a thing ahahah

  16. God hoed Desmond the first game and then blessed him the next.


  17. I side with Desmond on the premise of, Don't claim me to be a cheater multiple times and then tell me to relax when I tell you I'm not.

  18. imagine mark, berlin and pg playing monopoly, most toxic game ever and i’d love it

  19. Dez church songs be having me lmao especially when he winning lol.

  20. Was I the only one to notice that mark sounded mad sus when he said Desmond sounded good. LOL. 6:15.

  21. Is this an official rdc page or is someone stealing there content?

  22. Desmond was feeling almighty during that game I’ll tell you that.

  23. Not me screaming at Mark to hit A when Ben was trying to buy the railroad lmao

  24. Someone said I watched 6 ads plz gift me sub🤣🥲🥲

  25. I did say dylan made a bad move by giving away blue and yellow

  26. How Great is our God, Isn't he how great is our God!!

  27. Ayo I really needed this today. Car troubles after finally seeing some light smh. This cheered me up fasholy, these niggas funny as hell

  28. Ben neglected to see he was in a nice position. He had hella bread and could’ve bought a property off Dylan cuz he only had 300.

  29. Mark really threw this game when he didn’t mortgage the final spot and gave it to des

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