Really, Really Shortest Game of Monopoly: 13 Seconds -

Really, Really Shortest Game of Monopoly: 13 Seconds

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After our recent post of what we thought was the shortest possible game of Monopoly, we were challenged on that claim and thus had to come up with an even shorter one, which we now believe is actually the shortest possible game. Only 7 rolls of the dice, players only make it halfway around the board. More detail here:

Game Sequence:

Player 1:
(1) 6-4, just visiting, has $1500
Player 2:
(2) 6-4, Just visiting, has $1500
Player 1:
(3) 3-3, buy St. James $1320
(4) 1-1, buy Tennessee $1140
(5) 3-1, Chance, “go back three spaces”, buy New York $940
Buy 3 houses for each property, $40
Player 2:
(6) 3-3 St. James Rent $550, Player 2 has $950, Player 1 has $590
Player 1 buys 1 house on St. James and Tennessee, hotel on New York, $190
(7) Player 2 rolls 2-1: New York rent is now $1000, Bankrupt.


  1. @seaking020492 what do yo mean you won? you said "even if this was possible." they said it was fake so eather way they win

  2. @secretbonus Although not printed in the official rule sheets, for tournament play it is widely accepted that rent immunity and other "possible future occurrences" are not valid trading items. The main reason is that there is no provision for what to do if one of the "possible future occurrences" happens, then one of the players reneges on the deal. Thus, the only valid deals you can make are for what each of you have in hand at that moment.

  3. If you want to get technical the shortest game is immediately quiting..

  4. At first I thought they were pulling my leg, since it seemed like they were just mashing the pieces around and shouting random numbers, but then I realized they had an actual scenario and were trying to blow through it quickly!

  5. I don't think that you can buy houses/hotels during another player's turn. You can buy them at any time during your own turn, or between other players' turns, but in the case of a player rolling doubles, his turn has not ended yet. If you were allowed to buy houses/hotels during another player's turn, then you could, for example, see that someone rolled a number which would land them on your Boardwalk, and quickly buy houses/hotels for Boardwalk as they were moving their piece there.

  6. Rules say you can buy houses and hotels "at any time."

  7. No, they say any time during your turn or between other players' turns. I also checked the idea of this on the official "Monopoly by Parker Brothers" PC game and it is impossible. The menu for buying houses/hotels disappears from the screen during other players' turns, and that includes when they roll doubles. The menu stays gone until they have finished their turn, and their turn includes up to 3 rolls of the dice in the case of them rolling doubles. The game in this video is invalid.

  8. Monopoly has a practice of house rules, but claims about what the rules say ought to derive from the actual rules! they say NOTHING about the timing of buying houses relative to turn taking! Quoting the rules: "When a player owns all the properties in a colour-group they may buy houses from the Bank and erect them on those properties….you may buy and erect at any time as many houses as your judgement and financial standing will allow." Note the words, "at any time."

  9. The PC game uses the official rules unless you specifically select "house rules". Since the PC game comes from the same company as the boardgame, it is a useful tool to see how the rules (which are sometimes vague) are officially implemented in actual gameplay. The events in your video would be impossible on the PC game.

    Various Monopoly FAQs say: "In Monopoly, players can buy houses and hotels anytime during their turn — and also between the turns of other players."

  10. Monopoly is a game that is over 100 years old. You can find electronic versions and board games versions over the years with different rules–even among those made by the same company. I am quoting from the rules that are in my box! How can you say the way I'm playing is invalid? I'm following the rules! I'm not following EVERY version of the rules (that's impossible), but I am following one set of the official rules. FAQs are a joke–you can find FAQs that say anything…

  11. You are correct. This is a direct quote from the rule sheet included with "Monopoly Deluxe", which are the same rules but include an FAQ section as well:

    "Timing of Buying and Trading – You can build or trade at any time, but etiquette suggests that such transactions occur only between the turns of other players."

    So while you can technically build during someone else's turn, I doubt that many people would actually tolerate such behavior in a real game.

  12. Just assume he rolled a 4-2 or a 5-1, then the player owning the orange monopoly takes his turn, and then buys the additional house and the hotel for his orange group, and THEN the other player rolls a three.

  13. The game can be slightly adapted to a form that doesn't depend on buying houses between rolls of an opponent's turn, while still being 2 turns and never passing Go.

    Have player 1 start by rolling 11+44+15, collecting 200 from Community Chest, and upon completing the group there's enough money for 11 houses which is enough to bankrupt the opponent on rents of 750+800.

  14. Actually, house rules forbid people trading away "immunity". The only things you can trade are cash, properties, and Get Out of Jail Free cards.

    That said, you could just offer a trade "I give you $1500 in exchange for $1." and then land on Income Tax to win with one roll of the dice.

  15. I think that whole thing was just gibberish talk

  16. OK, so you add one more roll to it, make that 6 an easy 6, don't buy the property and instead up the houses, then you get bankruptcy.

  17. From the "Questions people often ask" insert that is included with official Monopoly sets:

    "Must I wait until my turn to buy houses and hotels?

    No. You may transact business – such as buying and selling houses – any time on your turn, or *between* moves by other players"

    FAQs aren't a "joke" when they come from the game's manufacturer. Your video is invalid.

  18. What's the problem with saying that if you're allowed to buy houses at any given time then your way is the fastest and if not then it's invalid. I thought the point of this video was to try and find the fastest possible monopoly game, obviously with the rules you usually play by. Apparently those aren't the latest official rules, but so what.
    In any case, fun video 🙂

  19. obviously with trades it can be much shorted but I dont think they're counting trades as it is impossible unless the person was really trying to lose

  20. You guys should try for the record. Now its 6 hours.

  21. I realize this comment is three months old, but I think the one time you SHOULDN'T be able to buy houses/hotels is right after someone has rolled or a card is drawn, just so you can't do the Boardwalk thing you mentioned a few comments ago.

  22. That's … odd.
    I remember a Playstation port that allowed you to trade temporary immunity.

  23. Whenever I play I like to use my own House rules that I made up.

  24. As far as i know you can only put 1 house pero turn

  25. I thought you're supposed to pass around the board one whole time before being able to buy properties… 😑 (Correct me if I'm wrong..)

  26. Um… There was only one chance card and zero community chests?

  27. This is the true shortest game:

    Turn 1:

    Player 1 rolls a (1,2) and lands on Baltic Avenue. He auctions it. Player 2 bids $1500 and gets it.

    Player 2 rolls a (1,3) and lands on income tax. He must pay $200 but only has $30 from mortgaging Baltic. He is bankrupt. Game over.

  28. This is the true true shortest game:

    Turn 1: Player 1 rolls a (1,2) and lands on Baltic Avenue. He auctions it. Player 2 bids $1499, Player 1 bids 1500 and gets it. Player 1 rolls a (1,3), Chance "Pay poor tax of $15", Bankrupt.

  29. Is this real, because thats is lots of luck involved in this

  30. I wonder what is the fastest without bonus rolls from doubles and/or without stacked chance/community chest. (either by ignoring the doubles bonus rule or not rolling doubles; 2 and 12 are only possible with doubles) Ignoring the doubles rule lets you hit Park and Boardwalk on one trip round the board, otherwise it takes two rounds to get a monopoly and you are probably best off going for a 3 property monopoly.

  31. What's the point of this…? To cheat to lose?

  32. Shortest game: Player 1 goes bankrupt on 1st turn.

    Player 1 rolls 4-4 lands on Vermont Avenue. Doesn't buy it initially so it goes to auction. Player 2 bids and player 1 changes his mind and also bids. Player 1 wins bidding and buys it for $1500.

    Player 1 rolls 5-4 lands on Community Chest. Gets 'Pay hospital fees of $100.' He hasn't got any money so goes bankrupt. Even mortgaging Vermont Avenue will only get him $50 so won't help.


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  34. Oui je suis là à cause de Chris (Poisson Fécond) 🤷‍♂️

  35. This is illegal all its wrong with the video

  36. Me: “Hey dad, want a quick game of monopoly?”
    Dad: “Ok very quickly because I need to leave in 20 seconds”
    Me and my dad: 0:02

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