Really, Really Shortest Game of Monopoly: 13 Seconds -

Really, Really Shortest Game of Monopoly: 13 Seconds

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After our recent post of what we thought was the shortest possible game of Monopoly, we were challenged on that claim and thus had to come up with an even shorter one, which we now believe is actually the shortest possible game. Only 7 rolls of the dice, players only make it halfway around the board. More detail here:

Game Sequence:

Player 1:
(1) 6-4, just visiting, has $1500
Player 2:
(2) 6-4, Just visiting, has $1500
Player 1:
(3) 3-3, buy St. James $1320
(4) 1-1, buy Tennessee $1140
(5) 3-1, Chance, “go back three spaces”, buy New York $940
Buy 3 houses for each property, $40
Player 2:
(6) 3-3 St. James Rent $550, Player 2 has $950, Player 1 has $590
Player 1 buys 1 house on St. James and Tennessee, hotel on New York, $190
(7) Player 2 rolls 2-1: New York rent is now $1000, Bankrupt.


  1. These people how much me and my family suck at this game. We take 2 hours and a half to finsish since we get lucky… I call that a half chug there

  2. mine was shorter on my first move i went to jail

  3. @SPEEDSTER7201 mine was even shorter on my first move I was bankrupt.

  4. Even if this was possible, one of the rules to monopoly is that you can't build houses unless 1) you own a monopoly, and 2) only on your turn. Notice the video information stated that player 2 rolled a 3-3, thereby giving him another roll. Player 1 at this time CANNOT build a hotel on any of his property. Therefore this game is VOID. 😀 I WIN!!!!

  5. @seaking020492 The rules state that you can buy houses At ANY TIME, not just on your turn. That's a common misconception about the rules.

  6. shortest game possible is when there is a trade made from the start. "I give you all my money I have now for immunity from rent on all properties you ever own." Deal is made. Next turn, land on income tax or a community chest or chance that makes you go bankrupt. one roll

  7. @seaking020492 You lose. And so did I, I lost the game.

  8. You can't place 1 house on two properties and a hotel on the third. All houses must be distributed evenly among the properties. You can do 11 houses (4, 4, and 3) but not 5 (hotel), 1, and 1.

  9. @heisanevilgenius You missed step 5, which purchases 3 houses on each orange property. In step six, the player is buying 1 more house each on St. James and Tennessee, and the equivalent of 2 more on New York–promoting it to a hotel, Which is allowed.

  10. @secretbonus No, when you haven't money or real estate, the income tax is $0.

  11. shortest game possible is not to have enough money to buy the game to begin with, you go bankrupt in real-life.

  12. @golondrinaflaca okay fine… community chest or chance same difference.

  13. @profdjm You even said in the video that it was fake. And also, you absolutely have to have a monopoly in order to start building houses. And, in the descrpition, part of it said "(5) 3-1, Chance, "go back three spaces", buy New York $940". New York only costs $200. And, in order to roll 2 times in a row, you have to get doubles first. Part of your description said," (1) 6-4,, just visiting." Then player one rolled again. He didn't get doubles. And, CC to the next chance is 5 away, not 4.

  14. @brightaz34 I don't think you are looking at the details very carefully. There are no house built in this sequence until player 1 owns St. James, Tennessee, and NewYork–that is a monopoly of the oranges!

    $940 is how much money they have left, not how much they are spending!

    Player one does not roll again after the just visiting–then it switches to player 2. "Game Sequence:
    Player 1:
    (1) 6-4, just visiting, has $1500
    Player 2:
    (2) 6-4, Just visiting, has $1500"

  15. @profdjm
    Finally, no one is ever sitting on CC. Before chance, player 1 is on Tennessee, and it is four space from Tennessee to Chance!

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