Rento 3D - Monopoly multiplayer board game gameplay -

Rento 3D – Monopoly multiplayer board game gameplay

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This is the official gameplay of our new 3D version of our game – Rento.
This is the mobile version, which you can download:
For Android:

For iOS:

For Windows Phone:

Or you can play in web browser here:

The old 2D version is still available through Amazon app store:


  1. how to take the pawn football and I am not able to get it even if I'm playing in online

  2. When a gamer quits he is replaced by robot. Robot accepts offers always. You may say it doesn't but for Turkey and Greece maximal price is 350$. Also remove hackers.You can't get enough gold to buy boards or dice etc. even you might finish 10000$ you get a 50 gold price only once. Why??This why you automatically make me hack the game(I can with ease).

  3. The game is good, but has a record problem with the IA, for example, when a player retires, the other players take advantage and buy their property, which makes a disadvantage for players who do not have the next turn, also should be blocked the entrance to the "GUEST" player, he always bored and removed half of the game. fix the IA, that if a player after 5 minutes pass withdrew their property to the bank.

  4. very good game , please make leaderboard lists of weekly , month , lifetime ranks on levels and wins

  5. I cant find my friends room, facebook friends are always red if they are connected and they are logged in throught facebook option :/

  6. uh… there should be a full tutorial about how and what. half of this game is not even explained. btw the dice is rigged. no matter how or what. i had 2 entire blocks from prison/visiting prison to ''go to prison'' mark, and no one landed on me, ended up losing. this happened multiple times aswell. pretty bad

  7. Travelling across Stations is cheating!!! You can not do this in Monopoly!!! Please remove!!!!!

  8. Thank you on this the game from Saudi Arabia Thanks again

  9. This game deserves its own league tournaments as if it was chess or a game of poker. People don't think monopoly or this Rento game is a war strategy exerciser, and that is probably half true, but running an economy is basically a conflictful strategy scenario. It may not be pieces moving freely and taking the opponent by force but it still requires some strategy along with some luck. And this is like a high stakes fast version of monopoly.

  10. How about wins/losses vs AI? Does it track this? If your gonna add stats for multiplayer, why not for SOLO. STATS STATS STATS… wins/losses for us soloists!!!!

  11. Two problems with the game: 1 ROBOTS ARE QUITE STUPID. Even when set to high "intelligence", despise they might be tough on trading land for land, they will happily sell you anything for cash with little over face value. 2 ONLINE GAME IS PLAGUED BY RUSSIANS CHEATING WITH EXPLOITS. Takes all the pleasure and satisfaction of the game. On a positive note: game has nice graphics, especially VR version.

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