Roblox Has a Monopoly Game and It’s Hilarious… -

Roblox Has a Monopoly Game and It’s Hilarious…

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Roblox has a lot of funny Monopoly games, but this one went in the funniest direction possible…
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This roblox monopoly match was absolutely hilarious and the best part – Hasbro is actually making Roblox edition of monopoly now. For now all we have is this community roblox game, which is very fun with friends but be prepared for the challenge and insane test of your patience lol


  1. Jameskii sounds like he said
    “We all picked the muck”
    Didn’t realize he would play that game..

  2. what ever floats you boat is fun.
    if you want i could show you my 'essentially a letteral apartment complex on a stilt."
    its called 'the Guilty fax'.
    and it cannot sink

  3. oh no james is turning into a roblox youtuber nooo

  4. Where is "OwO" the commentor pretty süre its round here

  5. Holy crap this is well made. Like yeah of course it's literally just monopoly, but the experience is so smooth, the presentation is quality, and the content feels like it's been put together by people who are well versed in the "culture" of Roblox!

  6. ''i m not getting anything'' ''are you kidding me'' bruh 127 times

  7. he basically got mugged the whole game. ahahaha…. get it? cause… he's a mug?

  8. As soon as he gets some money, it's immediately taken away from him.

  9. this whole episode be like

  10. Shoe wearing the Yankee with no brim. 😳

  11. he buy er:lc without using robux and that game is not even free yet

  12. You can resume the video by "you got to be kiding me" "are u kiding me"

  13. Dont actually play this roblox monopoly consistently, it doesn't follow same rules as the actual one, and is easily cheatable, a person got every tile perfectly he would want cause of this.

    You could play business tour on steam though, much better than this rigged bad game.

  14. Trust is The game was rigged for the start

  15. XD "I'm not gonna 'spoiler' it" don't know why that made me laugh as hard as it did

  16. Damn, missed opportunity
    When he landed on the 1.8M you shouldve played the Yugioh health deplet sound

  17. jameskii ranting about not getting anything for 16 minutes straight

  18. Jameskii being a trickster and a god

  19. "you get counters strike :O " totlay my big brother….

  20. There's a strat to Ronopoly. If you land on the bloxy awards, you can stack it with a game that you have that also has the bloxy buff. Me and my brother played a round and my brother would put the bloxy buff on murder mystery that ended up with 4.9M if you landed on it.

  21. I was looking att a video on the drug PCP and this came up in the related section

  22. I love how this game is a copy of a game called "Business Tour" which is based on Monopoly

  23. Okay, I pull up, hop out at the after party says:

    Ok, I know I'm late to the comments, but do I hear diddy kong racing music from the ds days

  24. Jameskii has to abilities: 1 is glitch every game, 2 bad luck

  25. landing on his tile: complains
    landing on others tile: complains


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