Roblox Monopoly 2022 Unboxing & Review | Adopt Me, Arsenal, Bloxburg, Towers, Limiteds & More! -

Roblox Monopoly 2022 Unboxing & Review | Adopt Me, Arsenal, Bloxburg, Towers, Limiteds & More!

Lily Gia
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Roblox Monopoly 2022, Unboxing & Review. MM2, Adopt Me, Arsenal, Royale High, Bloxburg, Roblox Murder Mystery, Roblox Jailbreak, Roblox Arsenal, Work at a Pizza Place, Roblox Build a Boat, Mad City, Roblox Islands, Flee the Facility, Epic Minigames, Tower Defense Simulator, Metaverse, Roblox Metaverse

➡️ Roblox Headquarters Art 1:01 by ShiroKurooo, thank you!
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  1. Lily, when do you will make the Action series 10 review & unboxing?

  2. Lily, roblox toy codes expires with the time? 🤔

  3. You should get the vampire hunters 3 pack And review it

  4. What’s the code for Redvalk and can you still redeem it?🤔

  5. Wow, this is so different from others monopoly styles

  6. Hey Lily! I wanted to ask you if when you been going to Target looking for new Roblox toys and they have about 3 cases of the action series 8 blind boxes and not the series 10. Have you been seeing that at your Targets too? Because I’ve also been seeing that.

  7. Hey uh lily I've been asking alot if you could do a review on the roblox adopt me honey gun you can go get it at target now I saw one a few weeks ago in target

  8. My mom online ordered it for me and it was the best toy code I ever got

  9. if you dont own adopt me and land on it when it has 2 homes on it you are dead

  10. i bought mine for around 50 usd i have been waiting for 3 weeks it should come in 2 to 12 days

  11. Ended up watching this up bc I saw it in a flier

  12. my mum got me this for christmas no joke

  13. I wish i had that i don't have enough money 🙁

  14. i really wanna buy my neighbours kid this monopoly, because he really likes Roblox and his birthday is coming up in 12 days! But I live in EU so a little kid wouldn't really know english exactly wich makes me kinda scared because i have no better idea!!

  15. Tower defense Simulator was in it but its the Least robuxs

  16. Dragon the yellow engine productions says:

    brookhaven and pet simulator x is missing

  17. they didn’t pick piggy but break in hol up now

  18. If you told me I would have sent you mine 😑

  19. Where's slap battles where is Brookhaven where is Piggy where is funky Friday!!!!!!

  20. 2:36 These cards are based off the real version of Monopoly so that R$50 Is either Doctors fees or school fees.

  21. Hello I have a question what if you rip the box and you ready use the code what should I do?

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