Roblox Monopoly 2022 Unboxing & Review | Adopt Me, Arsenal, Bloxburg, Towers, Limiteds & More! -

Roblox Monopoly 2022 Unboxing & Review | Adopt Me, Arsenal, Bloxburg, Towers, Limiteds & More!

Lily Gia
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  1. I have this one! super fun, also good video!!!, for now, I liked your review!!

  2. that top hat fits on the davy gun thing i have that avatar

  3. wow :0 here in brazil it usually takes 1 or 2 years to launch an official thing mainly from roblox. so I asked in a so called tiendamia which is an application that delivers everything on the other side of the world and even cheaper, it said it will arrive in 22 business days 🙂 i'm so happy

  4. They should have had the code as a giant money back item

  5. I jest hope that her unboxing the new mistery series 1

  6. We all had to wait it in 2022 or 2021

  7. Omg this is amazing, cant wait to get it if i could!

  8. it looks so cool i love it i hope i can able get one

  9. My favori game on roblox was piggy where piggy game on this roblox monopoly?

  10. Can you show us the code i already subscribe

  11. Im just smile cuz in malaysia is expensive its like 50 myr

  12. How does your Target still have the Jailbreak Museum set?? Mine doesn’t have them 🙁

  13. Absolutely magnificent! I'll definitely be getting this!

  14. You should do a video where you unbox ALL the Roblox Nerf guns!

  15. Yes this is cooler that the normal monopoly!

  16. Lily please do a video where you show your home display or storage thank you.

  17. Love ur voice and the work u put in ur videos!

  18. Can you do a toy code giveaway pls and thank you

  19. Excellent Roblox review video. Also, just letting you know we couldn't leave a comment on your oldest video uploaded because comments have been disabled. You might want to change the settings to engage with your audience more. Take care and good luck!

  20. If you’re doing the toy giveaway can you please give scary Larry web the other guy from break in story

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