Safeway Monopoly 2021 Shop Play Win Game -

Safeway Monopoly 2021 Shop Play Win Game

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This video is about how to play the Safeway Monopoly Game 2021. How to get game tickets, how to scan codes for prizes, how to win $1M cash, what to do with tokens, and more!

Please visit our site here with questions or comments and let us know what you’ve won with this year’s game!

To watch how to play the game on a computer rather than a smartphone – please watch this video:

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  1. I miss playing these when there was an Acme near me 🥲… ShopRite and Stop & Shop could NEVER-

  2. My app dosnt say scan code and niether does the website? Is the game over.

  3. Safeway did not conduct a beta test for grandma over 80. It seems designed by some kid under 60. The guy on the screen looks under 30. It took 4x to download with no spinning clock to verify and validate the app was actually installed and functional. Useless marketers under age 60. There needs to be a tutorial to download the app, scan items, and watch the process. Typical Tacit knowledge of games is not for people over age 30.

  4. HELP. Where do we find our winning items in our just for you account? None of my free items have appeared

  5. How does the million dollar instant ticket win work??? If it's random and someone wins right away then wouldn't it ruin the game for safeway because nobody would buy certain items to get the tickets in hopes of winning it because we would all known that it was already claimed…

  6. What do you do with the pieces that are on the back of the tickets that you can see before you open them? They have space numbers on them like A29B, etc, and pics of products.

  7. help, cannot download as you show. mine goes to a tudum web site with free membership but must enter credit card info. looks like a scam. i have tried 12 times.

  8. I have a Shutterfly type tickets without scanner barcode.. n I manually entered them n it doesn’t work

  9. So, in other words…….the game totally sucks now compared to how it used to be, which was never all that good to begin with, and was mostly just a waste of time–even BEFORE 2021.
    And no, before this new 2021 version of it, I never liked the fact that I would fill up the game board every year with every single one of the common game pieces, and on the last day of the game would always end up with ONLY the common pieces on my board, and NEVER got even one single semi-rare piece (let alone a super rare one).
    So, I never even won 5 bucks before—never mind anything larger than that—and now it seems like ALL of the already unattainable prizes have COMPLETELY vanished in this new version, where there doesn’t even seem to be ANY illusion of winning them. There are no groups of game pieces to acquire (which at least gave players a goal to shoot for, and provided a measure of anticipation that prizes might be won—albeit totally far fetched), but NOW all the air seems to have been completely sucked out of the new “digital” version, where filling in “groups” isn’t even a pipe dream anymore.
    The game is just pretty bogus at this point–even compared to the aforementioned previous version.
    Someone needs to figure out a way to make it more exciting. The smartphone setup on the app with the nine title deeds that never pay off anything more than a stinking bottle of water (and are obviously rigged to do that once in a while no matter which squares you pick) is a weak, feeble, and pitiful manifestation of a game that nobody but a person with too much time on their hands would even care about.

    Make the game BETTER, please…….

  10. Don't waste your time it's a scam. I'm now shopping at Safeway a lot less.

  11. a guy at the store let me have all of the things there, i took all of them, at the end of a lot of scanning, it showed up as 297 scanned out of those 297 scanned manually, i only made $7 for you cash lol, it’s not a scam but the rewards are low, mainly for winning food items, 50cents off everything

  12. She speaks quickly. She does not use any charts. Is she talking to people under age 65?

  13. On the phone screen, what does the scan icon look like? This is so annoying. It appears to push for people to buy more products.

  14. just a question is this only once a year thing

  15. Can anyone tell me why I don't have a scan option on the enter code below page? It just lets me enter them manually

  16. This game is a joke. I "won" a deluxe nail clipper a few weeks ago. went to store there were none on the shelf; asked at the desk and was told they had been out of them since the first few weeks of the game, no offer of a rain check, nothing. I just tried to enter some tickets I have, nothing happens; not all of us have scanners. I rate this game a zero!

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