Sea of Thieves Monopoly Unboxing & Twitch Drops - Gold Curse Macaw! -

Sea of Thieves Monopoly Unboxing & Twitch Drops – Gold Curse Macaw!

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Here is a Sea of Thieves Monopoly Board Game Unboxing and look inside, leave a comment below to win the Gold Curse Macaw DLC.

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  1. That’s pretty cool! Glad to see the playing pieces are die-cast and not plastic.
    I’ve not played Monopoly for years, maybe it’s time to dust off the board? Haha.

  2. Favourite monopoly is empire i do wish the plunder pass wasn't recycled content the free version and where is the silent barnicle figurehead. U had any trouble with the ship not spawning on the new voyage?

  3. If you get the monopoly game do you get the gold macaw

  4. Wow that's so awesome, especially the little pieces (the captains chest is so detailed!), and to answer your question, monopoly or chess is my favourite board game and if I didn't already own the regular version I would probably buy this

  5. I will try my luck to win this macaw! Pretty cute birb

  6. How does golden curse macaw activates on steam? Is there a promotion code inside or what?

  7. My favorite board game is ticket to ride. I’d love to be able to get the gold curse macaw, I haven’t been able to get any pets in SOT and I think this one looks amazing

  8. That bird looks dope. I'll trade you an Athena for it mate XD.

  9. I can't believe that it is 50 DOLLARS. I think it is the most expensive item in the game

  10. I’d love to own a copy of this monopoly but for us down under it’s about $70 without shipping, bit to steep for me.

  11. This looks amazing, its a bit pricey for monopoly though.

  12. Looks really nice a bit sad that the corners stayed the same as normal Monopoly.

  13. Thanks for doing this video! The little golden pieces are really nice.

  14. Can I enter the giveaway I cannot afford to buy this

  15. This is really cool! The only complaint I have are the „normal“ monopoly pictures they used in the corners. But otherwise it‘s a really great sea of thieves themed monopoly!

  16. My 7 year old wants this! And says “he’s giving it away? My gosh he’s cool”

  17. I would’ve definitely gotten this for the sick looking parrot but sadly the price tag on it is just too much… especially since I’d probably never play it because I’m too busy playing sea of thieves lmao

  18. Looks realy cool but I probably wouldn't be able to get it

  19. Those player pieces are by far my favourite thing in this!! Amazing

  20. That bird better be giving my a massage while I sail

  21. Thanks for the video man, glad to see the quality of the game is actually amazing! Hope your channel keeps growing :). Chutes and Ladders has always been a favorite of mine. So simple and lucky based, it makes for some really fun times!

  22. Yooo that's awesome and i will probably be there for the drops tomorrow!!!

  23. Dam this looks high quality and cool, I might have bought it if I knew sea of thieves and monopoly better

  24. Should be called ‘monotony’ 🤣 I do like the sea of thieves theme tho! 👍

  25. I’m thinking of picking up the tabletop rpg.

  26. I can’t say I’m surprised but I mean who doesn’t try to make their game into monopoly but still looks pretty cool 😎

  27. Thanks for this video I really love sea of thieves and am so happy I can sea the mo monopoly game. Also I love monopoly.

  28. Just gettin' really into Sea of Thieves, I would love that "Gold Curse Macaw"!

  29. Has it really been so difficult to rename the jail to the brig? 🤪

  30. Been playing SOT for about 9 days now.. this popped up and thought I'd watch. Followers you for more sea of thieves content and obvs to enter the comp. Going to have a look at your other vids now! Peace!

  31. This is a awesome design can’t wait for new updates 😁

  32. Just bought the game this year and still having 100% Fun and i also would love to get the gold birb 😀

  33. Favourite board game has to be ‘the original Cluedo’

    Can’t beat cluedo

  34. “I’m not a fan of monopoly” also spending $50 on a board game

  35. Did anyone else get this and get 3 macaw codes? Btw I’m pretty sure the Xbox and steam codes on the card work separately

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