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Shortest Possible Game of Monopoly

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Ever wonder what the shortest possible game of Monopoly would look like? Well, it’ll only take 21 seconds to find out. After our recent attempt to play the shortest actual game of Monopoly on record, we started to wonder about what the shortest THEORETICALLY POSSIBLE game of Monopoly would be. That is, if everything went just the right way, with just the right sequence of rolls, Chance and Community Chest cards, and so on, what is the quickest way one player could go bankrupt? After working on the problem for a while, we boiled it down to a 4-turn (2 per player), 9 roll (including doubles) game. Detail on each move given below. If executed quickly enough, this theoretical game can be played in 21 seconds.

Player 1, Turn 1:

Roll: 6-6, Lands on: Electric Company
Action: None, Doubles therefore roll again

Roll: 6-6, Lands on: Illinois Avenue
Action: None, Doubles therefore roll again

Roll: 4-5, Lands on: Community Chest “Bank error in your favor, Collect $200”
Action: Collects $200 (now has $1700)

Player 2, Turn 1:

Roll: 2-2, Lands on: Income Tax
Action: Pay $200 (now has $1300), Doubles therefore rolls again

Roll: 5-6, Lands on: Pennsylvania Rail Road
Action: None

Player 1, Turn 2:

Roll: 2-2, Lands on: Park Place
Action: Purchase ($350, now has $1350), Doubles therefore rolls again

Roll: 1-1, Lands on: Boardwalk
Action: Purchase ($400, now has $950), Doubles therefore rolls again

Roll: 3-1, Lands on Baltic Avenue
Action: Collect $200 for passing GO (now has $1150), Purchase 3 houses for Boardwalk, 2 for Park Place ($1000, now has $150)

Player 2, Turn 2:

Roll: 3-4, Lands on: Chance, “Advance to Boardwalk”
Action: Advance to Boardwalk, Rent is $1400, only has $1300 = Bankrupt


So many people have commented that this is “fake,” let me just say: Yes, it is a scripted demonstration of a theoretically possible game. I would think that is so obvious it goes without saying, but I guess not. So, now it’s been said, several times!


  1. You guys plan wrong. Auctions are required

  2. If you think this is the shortest possible game , you are wrong

  3. He still had money left but he said that he was bankrupt

  4. Wait I thought you have to go around the board once to start buying real estate .. I'm confused even all the comments here confuse me sorry I'm slow I guess lol

  5. 2 move bankruptcy = roll double sixes; auction electric company; bid $1500; roll five; community chest card reads: "Pay Hospital Fees". Could knock the game down to less than 5 seconds so no one dies of old age.

  6. This is probably the most enthusiastic way I've heard someone say 'I'm bankrupt' and it kills me lmfao

  7. You started with the wrong amount of money

  8. The Income Tax is what killed him. If he hadn't landed on Income Tax, he could have payed the $1,400 rent.

  9. Remember: even though it is a this is a theoretical game, there is still an extremely rare chance that it could happen.

  10. Started with wrong money, you guys don't even have 1000$

  11. Actually, I think the fastest way for a game to end is one turn per player, and it's because the rulebook says when a property is landed on and not bought by the person who landed on it, it must be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Here's the game:

    Player 1 rolls a 3, and thus lands on Baltic Avenue, and does not buy it. When it is auctioned, Player 2 buys it for $1,499 (even though it only costs $60 and nobody would buy it for more than that, theoretical possibility does not care. This Is a theoretical possibility). Player 2 now has $1 left.

    Player 2 rolls a 7, thus landing on Chance. The card is "You have been elected Chairman of the Board. Pay each player $50". Because Baltic Avenue only mortgages for $30 and they only have $1 left, thus $31 in total, they lose, and Player 1 wins.

  12. why didn't someone flip the game over at the end? Isn't that the way they're supposed to end?

  13. Shortest game I can think of is:

    Player 1 rolls a 3 and lands on Baltic Avenue and auctions it. Player 2 bids it for $1499. Player 2 rolls a 2 and lands on Community Chest. The card says "school fees pay $50". Player 2 only have $31 left then got bankrupted.

  14. That's not possible because you start with $2000 not $1500

  15. my friend told me to watch this video… now im impressed. it takes atleast 2 hours to beat the game with my friend. lol

  16. It takes at least an hour and 30 minutes for one person in my family to go bankrupt. ._.

  17. According to the official rules, you must take action when you land on an unowned property. You can either buy or auction, but can't just pass by.

  18. No your not bankrupt cause you can mortgage the station. Therefore you keep playing until you lose another $300m

  19. When it's 8am and your friend asks you to play monopoly

  20. Shortest game of monopoly:

    Player 1: Hey player 2, do you want to play monopoly?
    Player 2: No
    Player 1: So power grid?
    Player 2: Hell yeah!

  21. Why is he saying "Action: None" on properties? It's written right there in the official rules that if the property is unowned and you don't buy it, you have to auction it off.

  22. Don't all properties have to be owned to purchase houses or hotels?

  23. Completely flawed. Illinois should have went up for auction. Perhaps it's implied that neither chose to buy it, but that's flawed strategy. One of them should have bought it if they are both playing to win. If they are not playing to win then any other short game strategy is just as legit, including paying $1500 for the first property landed on and then losing on the next play by not having money to pay a fine. So there's still the question of what the shortest game possible is when both players are legitimately trying to win. But that's pretty subjective because if someone posts a very short game where both players are supposedly trying to win, someone will comment on their flawed playing strategy.

  24. What the dude said Oh Park Place oh Boardwalk the 2 Best places and in a row plus they cost the most for game ending? Suspicious

  25. Loaded dice most likely will always be 12 no monopoly comes with red dice second they put the chance cards in the order they wanted and third if you believe this then I’m sorry your just dumb

  26. Funny how when he rolled a 2 to land on boardwalk the dice closet had a 6 on it and the 1 was literally facing the camera

  27. I wish i was that happy when i went bankrupt smh

  28. This is fake. if you go to 0:12 when the guy in the white suit roll he says 4 before the dice even landed.

  29. The enthusiasm in "I'm Bankrupt" is hillarious. Normally players will flip over the board when they go bankrupt after 5 hours of playing.

  30. Ive never heard someone be so happy about being bankrupt. XD

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