Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Halloween Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart on TheToyChannel -

Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart on TheToyChannel

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Monopoly for the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Episode. Fantastic Halloween Monopoly board game featuring Bart, Homer, Lisa,and the Springfield Gang! Toy Game review by Mike Mozart of theToyChannel on YouTube


  1. buy it on ebay? I found one of these in comic shop in a mall. It must've been rare, too bad I didn't get it.

  2. @mynyme93 that makes you a furrie 😛

  3. Do you own ALL those games? Or are you in a toy store? Or do you own a toy factory? Or are you in a toy factory?

  4. does anyone want t give me a present? please i want that game….

  5. @iluvcorgis101 lol, I really am. I got it when it first came out so I only paid like $25 for it

  6. You are like 20 years old and you still collect bordgames nerd

  7. Here's what I saw on the cover:

    1. Jack in the Box Homer
    2. Count burns
    3. Hugo
    4. Witch Marge

  8. "This game is based on the tree house of horror episode"
    i said to myself which one there are atleast 20

  9. @mynyme93 48 furries liked your comment

  10. @mynyme93 even though im a girl yes i do IM NOT GAY!!!

  11. I got the homer tree house of horror toy from burgur king and the simpsons movie the police officer from burgur king

  12. This is pure awesome…. I envy you that you own this!

  13. I want one. By the way Barts head is a fly's . I LOVE TREEHOUSE OF HORROR!!!!!

  14. i remember that game n am a Simpson fan hard core n i was crying to my mom to buy it but she said no n no mean no i was sad bout it

  15. monopoly comes up with cool new versions of their classic game i have the star wars version anyone else have any other version of monopoly?

  16. mike that is actually fly head bart not ant head i saw the episode of that

  17. 0:55 No Winchester as "Go to Jail" !?!

  18. Do you have any of the Jurassic Park board games to review?  I used to have the Lost World 3D board game.

  19. I ordered mine yesterday from ebay would of bought monopoly south park but it was about 86 pounds far to expensive

  20. Can you send me The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Monopoky please?

  21. Please send me The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Monopoly?

  22. do the same rules apply ? I got one on Christmas for my kids but noticed NO BOOK and ONE DICE and very few tombs but other than that it is PERFECT ! ALL REST GAME IN PERFECT AMAZING CONDITION AS WELL AS BOARD AND ALL PIECES WERE NOT BENTR AND BAGGED – JUST WONDERING THANKS ,

  23. I want this so bad!! I'm a huge Treehouse of Horror fan, and I would bid on this but this is freakin' expensive. 80 bucks for this version of monopoly.

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