Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Halloween Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart on TheToyChannel -

Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart on TheToyChannel

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Monopoly for the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Episode. Fantastic Halloween Monopoly board game featuring Bart, Homer, Lisa,and the Springfield Gang! Toy Game review by Mike Mozart of theToyChannel on YouTube


  1. Hey Mike Mozart,

    As long as we're on the topic of Fox cartoons, do you have any King of the Hill merchandise you might review in the future?

  2. awsome! i had a simpsons original monopoly it looked decent im sure you have it already mike

  3. I wish I had that one!!
    I just have the normal one

  4. I would love to play this on Halloween, great game, great show.

  5. Oh god, I remember I HAD one of these. And my mother threw it away cause the dog got in it and just threw all the money around the whole house.

  6. do you ALLWAYS speak like THIS it an get quite ANOYING

  7. I remember I bought a Simpsons chess set back when I was in Toronto, it was so incredible.

  8. But those look like houses and hotels to me….

  9. The Simpsons can equal boardgame awesomeness (like it did here). Best Buy, unfortunately, does not equal boardgame awesomeness.

  10. I laughed when Homer was in hell on the show.
    *Eats all of them* more.

  11. That's cool!! I have the original simpsons monopoly!

  12. this is pretty cool. i dont really watch the simpsons… nor do i play this game but this is pretty freaking awesome!

  13. @THClove My "Oldest " Monopoly will be National News! I'm waiting for that one! I have an Original Handmade Charles Darrow had Painted version!

  14. hmm…. i wonder if theres a mickey mouse club house monopoly XD

  15. @TheToyChannel entonces esperaré tu review, perdon por mi "engrish" no hablo ingles muy bien

  16. at :14 when youi said ant head bart it is actully bart as the fly. im a huge fan of the simpsons and i have the playset with him

  17. I want this game now it a sure Epic win!

  18. I have the ESPN Sports Fan Collectable Monopoly and on the side of the box you see the cover of this game.

  19. @TheToyChannel the one monopoly board every toy fanatic and actuially no EVERYONE wants, is the only gold monoply board i saw in the museum it was pure gold even the money.

  20. Great review!

    I own this set I love it but I was disappointed with the board. I thought it wasn't well made. IMO cheap thin card.

  21. the simpsons are awsome i grew up watching that show every chance i got

  22. I've seen some monopoly board games that have something different then the go to jail and in jail/just visiting spaces.

  23. I have toy story monopoly, do you have that mike?

  24. how high is this guy :D:D:D … though it seems pretty cool 'cuz, you know – they all glow in the daaark :D:D:D

  25. Wish that they changed the Police image to Chief Wiggim (sp) and the jail guy to Snake.
    Seems obvious, don't know why they keep the same classic image time and time again when they update everything else for the TV spinoff versions.

  26. buy it on ebay? I found one of these in comic shop in a mall. It must've been rare, too bad I didn't get it.

  27. @mynyme93 that makes you a furrie 😛

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