Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Halloween Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart on TheToyChannel -

Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart on TheToyChannel

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Monopoly for the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Episode. Fantastic Halloween Monopoly board game featuring Bart, Homer, Lisa,and the Springfield Gang! Toy Game review by Mike Mozart of theToyChannel on YouTube


  1. @JapaneseTurtle Its 8 Years Old. Buy on Ebay! They are EXPENSIVE! Like 50+ Dollars! YIKES!

  2. If you have more Simpsons toys, please do some more Simpsons reviews.

  3. @TheToyChannel Ouch! That is pretty expensive! Would love to have one though. And it's one of the original kind of monopolies that use paper money. I hate how the newer versions have bank cards. Where is the fun in that?!

  4. @TheToyChannel that's on my must buy for the next game against my cousins. thanks

  5. thats great ive never seen this before ;D great game

  6. I have this monopoly! It's my favorite!

  7. omg im a big fan of the simpsons would you be able to direct me to where i can get one or if you have one lieing around sell it to me? i want one so so much πŸ˜€

  8. yeah i have this one the only thing i dont quite like are the pieces you use to move i mean come on every othewr one is metal

  9. That looks awesome!
    The Treehouse of Horrors stuff all appears to be from the earlier ones which were by far the best (It seems like for the past few years, the Treehouse of Horror specials were more about fantasy than horror, yet another sign that the Simpsons has officially jumped the shark).

  10. @shoshanish maybe he did, but then corrected it

  11. You must have over 8000 Monoply's do you think you can make a full length 10 minute review of oh lets say 5 at a time?

  12. @TheToyChannel hey mike do you have the nintendo monoply?

  13. @itv300 It's fly head. I remember the episode, and that token doesn't look like an ant at all anyway.

  14. Oh my gosh! I actually remember seeing this when I was little. I wish I bought it.

  15. Awesome. Just… I can't say anything but awesome so awesome.

  16. I want one i think i will try and find one but i don't think its going to be at any good price

  17. If you have it, can you do the Ghettopoly one?

  18. I actually do own this one, and it is quite cool. I wish I bought those extra pieces you could have sent in for though. My favorite monoply I own is the Star Wars Episode 1 edition. While opinions may differ about the movie the monoply set is well made and looks awesome!!

  19. mike, i love your reviews.. but we get there's a go, a go to jail, and a jail…

    yet you point them out every..single..time…………

  20. i've got the normal simpsons monopoly πŸ™‚ and simpsons game of life πŸ™‚

  21. @TheToyChannel Ah cool i cant wait! Great reviews as always Mike!

  22. Do you have NBAopoly, it doesn't have jail, go to jail or free parking

  23. Im not a big Monopoly fan, the game takes too long

  24. When are you reviewing the krusty doll? πŸ˜€

  25. wow they actually put alot of thought and effort into this one im impressesd

  26. That is the most win of board games for simpsons nerds like me!(:

  27. Do you have EVERY version of monopoly created?

  28. Do you have EVERY version of monopoly ever made?

  29. Out of curosity, who's idea was it to take the same monopoly board game and just replace it with different figures and art 'n stuff of like… every show/company/game you can think of? xD Then again… my Monopoly of Star Wars Episode 1 was kinda nice. It had a lot more than simple art replacement.. it had property cards that slipped in and out of a plastic edge on the board and stuff.. and more metal figurine pieces. And the properties stuck to the plastic thingy. You should review that! πŸ˜€

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