So We Played That 'Feminist' Monopoly Game... -

So We Played That ‘Feminist’ Monopoly Game…

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  1. when will people stop bringing up the wage gap it is so annoying.

  2. What did it say that I enjoyed watching this couple play a boring ass board game… Gods I'm Lonely 😅….. Fml

  3. Normal monopoly, except it comes with a revolver. You give them men a chance to play. By making them playing Russian roulette first

  4. Getting money at free parking was never in the original monopoly rules…

  5. You get $50 for watching captain marvel because you sued Disney for emotional damage

  6. so i wonder if "TransNopoly" would have a Karen with a mustache on its cover.

  7. For kicks, I played against my wife and two of my daughters and, despite being heavily tilted to favor women, I still won.

  8. This game celebrates the woman who invented the coffee filter by punching holes in a piece of paper….next up, electricity, the airplane and the combustible engine. You go grrlllls!

  9. Gregory, have you ever heard of the hit game: among us, Gregory?

  10. My jaw is on the floor lmao Game is so sexist, wrong and yet hilarious.

  11. this game seems sexist in male favor. it almost seems a passive neg at women in every roll.

  12. This is how you teach kids to conflate "wages" with "earnings".

  13. Me: Fuck college! Went to engineering school, said nope, went into trades, wired for 12 years and make 10x more than my college educated corporate overlord wife.

  14. Kind of ironic that the game was made by a woman in a commentary on capitalism

  15. … just say No to Corporatist/Financialist Fast 'food'/PharmaDrugs…. 'n' HELLO to sustainably depression-free livingEnergy….. depression being but symptomatic of nutritional malaise…. aaaAAANNNNDDd…. foodChem toxemia…. NowHEARTHIS…..

  16. Monopoly was never that great a game to begin with. This joke sounds unbearable. Play it once put it away forever.

  17. “The first board game where women make more than men.”
    It’s also the only board game in existence where some people have an advantage based solely on gender.

  18. haha nice video! 🙂 do you have time to talk about our lord and saviour?


  20. Easy way to cheese the game, put on a wig and say you're now a woman. ez pz

  21. I like the new monopoly where you throw all the 100s in the air, and fight your family for them

  22. 13:13 because she's a women, she should have been let go free, that might be extreme, but realistic……

  23. if i was a female, this game would probably be offensive to me. lol, basically saying you need an advantage to stand a chance.

  24. Very cool! Unrelated, where'd you get a black and white American flag? Looks pretty cool.

  25. Ok but how much do you payout to gender fluid or non-binary players? What if you are only playing with other women? The bonus just becomes the new normal unless you can convince a man to intentionally play at a 40% disadvantage. Only simps would do that because they think it'll get them good boy points into your pants.

  26. Time to invite both political sides of my family to play this game. Got to get some use out of the body bags in my basement.

  27. American money all looks like silly money 💰 i swear i could make American money with my comercial printer 🖨

  28. Um why the basic monopoly was already perfect since all genders suffer all the same

  29. ShitInMouth, please keep making videos. The day you stop will be my 9/11.

  30. "I never realized there was much of a gap." Because there is no gap.

  31. Well the money is the same no matter what, anyone can be a woman

  32. The dishwashing machine was invented by a man and a woman but the man built it cause he was a mechanic

  33. Yes the game was created by a woman. But the two men who owned Hasbro did not steal it from her. They paid her money for the game concept. Then Hasbro went in and made changes to the game. im a collector of monopoly. Im obsessed about the game.

  34. Is there still a wage gap in fields that usually has more women, like nurses

  35. 9:45
    My nigga got a double and forgot to take a second turn XD

  36. Lol female privilege actually happens in real life

  37. So the wi-fi one got me kind of curious. And there is some credit given to a woman named Hedy Lamarr (actress and inventor). While the grounds for crediting her as an inventor of wi-fi does seem dubious, at best, she was one bad ass lady!

    The part of wi-fi she's credited with inventing was signal hopping. A system through which a radio emitter can change it's frequency, without manual intervention, from a human. While she was not the actual creator of the concept, she did come up with an absolutely inspired idea of how to use it with radio controlled torpedoes. Along with a composer friend of hers, she came up with the idea of using the reels from a player piano to swap the torpedo's frequencies, so that the enemy can't jam it.

    She would have been a godlike software coder xD

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