So We Played That 'Feminist' Monopoly Game... -

So We Played That ‘Feminist’ Monopoly Game…

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  1. That's a very lucky guy man. He has a girl that has a great personality you both are lucky to find such compatible mates. Lol. Yaaaaassssss

  2. Combating sexism by making the most sexist game ever…..
    They have to be trolling at this point, right? RIGHT?!

  3. wifi was invented by australian men, why is it on this piece of shit.

  4. Ms. Monopoly and Ms. Pac-Man share similar naming schemes
    But there's a difference
    One is genuinely fun to play… the other is feminist propaganda
    In Ms. Monopoly, the females get paid more than the males
    In Ms. Pac-Man, the scoring scheme is the same as the original Pac-Man
    You aren't given more points for playing as a woman, because that would make the games unbalanced
    There also wasn't a demand for a Ms. Pac-Man – they just made it because they wanted a sequel to the original Pac-Man

  5. So only male and female players get money? Guess I shouldn't play this with my non-binary friends unless I want some easy wins

  6. Also the hell? 50 rent on a 100 property? What is this, time to coup d'etat these fools

  7. So Hasbro pretty much tried to fix inequality by introducing inequality to a game that didn't have any in the first place? Nice job

  8. Nothing solves gender discrimination like gender discrimination. Great job Hasbro 😐

  9. I pretty much exclusively wear 1960s style dresses and they all have pockets. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do this information but now you have it

  10. I usually find this channel interesting, but you guys managed to say within a span of 2 minutes that "the wage gap is a debunked myth" and "there is a wage gap, or rather earning gap".

  11. Greg you fool! If she doesn’t realize you landed on her property before she rolls again you don’t have to pay!

  12. 1:42 oh my god this isn't relevant but I saw the dude's eyebrow raise when she said "female empowerment" and I just think that moment was hilarious

  13. all in all this is still pretty much just regular monopoly

  14. Damn, never really noticed how hot Greg is…. like wtf dude's rocking that hair/beard better than young Johnny Depp 🔥🔥🔥

  15. OMG this game completely ignores those that identify as non-binary. Hasbro is transphobic!!!!

  16. This monopoly game is hilarious. It's trying so hard to be politically correct, instead it sounds incredibly sexist

  17. We get you mony end Greg hase one more day of us buleshit

  18. I love how I got an ad on this video saying "Transing our kids is their priority"
    Whoever put it there completely misinterpreted what kind of audience this channel has,

  19. As a dude, I really want to play this game, because I would love to beat a girl at this game. The final boss of Monopoly

  20. When kicking your sisters ass in monopoly was too easy so you put it on hard mode for fun

  21. My wife’s been kicking my ass for years in monopoly

    That’s all

  22. I’m so glad you didn’t remove this Shoe. Hope you’re doing well! you’ll always be our internet mommy

  23. This is an OUTRAGEOUS and sexist game . . . waiting for this sad and lame chapter of Western civilization to end.

  24. How fked up is the USA if this person is left-wing?

    Greetings from EU, looking forward to see US lose to CHINA 🙂

  25. I would love a monopoly game that isn't made with child slave labor.

  26. Thank your for putting Feminist in " ".

  27. Now we need mr monopoly, where men's issues are cared about

  28. This guy seems like a kiss ass his jokes are your jokes reverbed

  29. The more I think about identity politics the more I think there isn’t a single problem that couldn’t also be solved by just doing universal reform. A focus on individual identity, while important for stuff like preservation of culture and recognizing and addressing systemic biases, is far too often coopted by neoliberals as a way to distract labor from organizing and shield capitalism from fault.

  30. They go to the trouble of naming it 'ms' monopoly and these guys are just calling it 'miss' monopoly the entire time lol

  31. I could say a lot of things but instead I am just going to mention that;

    a) When I worked in litigation support, we used thimbles all the time. Mostly for checking to make sure that we havent messed up a job.
    b) It can be fun in a very limited and accidental sense. Last time I played, my brother refused to negotiate so we could actually conclude the game because we each only owned a single set of properties so the money was just going back and fourth and eventually the bank ran out of money and since I had to return home eventually we had one more turn each where we both ended up in jail.

  32. Do not marry that guy… don't ask how I know, just wait a bit

  33. I wonder if you get the game for a discount if you show the person behind the cash register your vagina?

  34. It's possible for a guy to win

    If it's only guys playing

  35. I learned that I will never buy this game (unless I decide to start identifying as an idiot).

  36. Either the girl will win and feel nothing cos she effectively cheated, or the boy will win and the girl will feel fail

  37. “Let’s teach young girls to exploit workers”

  38. hahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help!

  39. No minimum wage, you dolt, that puts women, the undereducated and minorities out of a job… Minimum wage drives up inflation and increases unemployment rate.

  40. Hello there american people. Just wanted you to know that here in Europe men and woman have equal pay, we also have free healthcare and don't go bankrupt whenever we break a finger. hope you have a great day.

  41. I love how it says women invented wifi when it was invented by 5 men

  42. A game where women get an advantage?

    It already exists!

    It's called "LIFE"…

    And I don't mean the board game!

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