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Speed Monopoly – How to Play in under 30 minutes!

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Monopoly is a fun game, but it usually takes hours to play and ends in a fight. These modified rules help to speed the game up to under 30 minutes, which makes it a lot more fun to play.


  1. 0:21 This depends on what version of Monopoly you have the current versions show which cards are which by having their respective logos on the back Community Chest and Chance cards so you know which one is which. While the older versions don’t have their logos on the cards.

  2. Not a tip but : insted of slowly roling dice and the 1 2 3 4 ..You quickly roll and moove

  3. 2:18 If you play with the speed die, if you roll a Mr. Monopoly, Take your turn as normal, then move to the next Unowned Property and Buy Or Auction it, then pass the dice if Immediately if you decide to Buy the property, not after you buy it. I won’t tell you what happens if all properties are owned, since that will take too long.

  4. 2:14 We need one. If there’s no banker, people can cheat. The banker is charge of Auctions, Properties, banks cash, houses and hotels.

  5. At the back of the present monopoly rule book it tells you how to make a game last 30-45 minutes. Don’t wanna buy it = Must Auction it! Never loan players money or make deals to charge rent! No free parking money!

  6. 0:06 Actually, a game only last 30-60 minutes if you don’t use any house rules.

  7. 0:20 Don’t do this if you have a version that has images on the community chest and Chance cards.

  8. 0:48 Don’t toss them. You may knock game movers, or community chest or Chance cards.

  9. Fact: In some versions of Monopoly, have cardboard cash. In the secret vault version, you can’t use poker chips.

  10. 2:37 $400 for the Secret Vault version, and a $100 for the vault. 2:41 Some versions will cause the game to end when everything is sold. And also $200 for Secret vault salary, and only $50 to the vault. (Only for advanced mode)

  11. 0:22 Some versions have images on the cards. Like Gold Bars with a image of Mr. Monopoly on the gold in the chest or Bags.

  12. You forgot the rule about how the game ends when the first person goes bankrupt, and then winner is the person with the most money after all the properties and hoses are sold

  13. This was a great video, Im surprised there isn't other videos talking about this!

  14. Poker chips idea sounds great. I calculated how many chips I'd need to replace the paper money and ended up with around 100 to 120 of each 5, 25 and 100.. but chips are quite expensive.. I wonder with the additional rules you've set, if we can do with less.. by experience how many chips do you need?

  15. How about adding a fine to Free Parking instead of not doing anything on it? That way players can be easily thrown off guard and speed up the game.

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