STRANGER THINGS 4 - Spoilers Revealed in Monopoly Board Game -

STRANGER THINGS 4 – Spoilers Revealed in Monopoly Board Game

Stranger Universe
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Mrs. Strange talks about major spoilers for Stranger Things 4 that were revealed in a Monopoly Board Game for season 4!

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  1. sucks it rlly got spoiled from a freaking game 🫤 not looking at any more from the monopoly game cuz i ain’t getting spoiled

  2. do u guys think we'll have another trailer coming?

  3. Miss strange should be called miss obvious. These are not "heavy" spoilers. If you watched the newest trailer you know this already, except the snowmobile part.

  4. Can’t god damn wait to be on May 27th 😭😭!

  5. i’m glad she decides to go willingly than being captured. i emotionally couldn’t handle seeing el get taken and forced head shaved

  6. Could that be the official poster design?

  7. Shoutout? I like ur vids and congrats on 50k!!

  8. Can’t believe the massacre at hawkins lab is gonna be a full flashback episode unless we go to the lab again and then there’s a massacre.

  9. Ey can I get a shout out? If not I shall politely put some dirt in your eye Bully Maguire driving that funky soul intensifies 😀

  10. I do not at all find it surprising that El "I can fight" Hopper would voluntarily go back to recover her powers and help save her friends in Hawkins with how things are going so badly for her trying to fit into the world as a "normal" girl. Dr. Owens did get her a birth certificate and find them the house in California, she feels he's on her side and she would probably trust him. I do think that Brenner would probably be there and she might not know that and may have a bad reaction to it. I would really love to see a different dynamic, though, where she (and Owens) are in charge, and Brenner is there to help HER. I think this is so much more empowering to her character than her being kidnapped when she just seems to be victimized so much. Some of the images from the California teaser make me think that something sketchy happens with all this, even if it's just her being upset about seeing Brenner again.

  11. Can I get a Shoutout? Mrs. Strange

  12. Great video !! Can i get a shoutout?

  13. Will steve die in this season I want a video

  14. I m not gonna overthink just gonna watch the show in all of its glory…no spoilers

  15. I have watched every episode 73 times

  16. I am so excited for stranger things 4 and 5 soon but i don't want it be finished

  17. Bro I literally subscribed to you when you only had 230 subscribers!!!!! I’m so proud of how big your channel has gotten! Great job Mrs. strange!

  18. anyone with a brain can figure this out just by watching the trailer

  19. I’ve got that monopoly bored 🙂

  20. my target has it, so I’m going tomorrow to get it!

  21. So are we going to see lots of scenes with max and her school counselor Kelly?

  22. Might be that Dr Owens is betrayed by Brennar, because Brennar has way more sinister intentions as we know and the woman stepping out is helping him. Remember, Brennar sent out hitman/woman in season 1

  23. its so annoying how will isn't getting a bigger part like Noah's acting was so good in s2 and they just forgot about him in s3 and 4 like it makes no sense what so ever.

  24. Honestly I wouldn’t call those spoilers. The trailer basically spells those things out if you adhere to simple logic. The whole diner scene with eleven all but spells out her willingly going back. After the demo bats were revealed there really wouldn’t be any other reason for someone to be in the upside down wailing on guitar unless it’s for that exact reason. Keep in mind most fan theories jumps the shark and can absurd. Like the whole time travel theory, the end of season 2 makes that an impossibility. When the mind flayer approaches the school to watch the children, the upside down school is decorated the exact same with the lights in the exact same arrangement and turned on. If that were a nuclear Holocaust future then that would be completely impossible. Nearly every single instance we are shown the upside down, it’s an exact inverted mirror of what’s occurring at that moment.
    The earlier prevailing theory, that actually made any logical sense within the parameters set forth by the show, about it being one of the Hawkins child patients is undone by the Creel flashback. So my theory is going to be that it’s something connected to government experimentation. Vecna is a lich king in D&D given immortality by a dark being and his followers. So the name itself implies much

  25. Literally I never watched a season…and my world is still turning.

  26. Those aren't spoilers Tom…..those are SPECIAL EFFECTS.

  27. I knew it!!! I was right about Eleven leaving!

  28. Love that only half of these ended up true. Snowmobile!? Lmfaooo

  29. Literally over a minute of dribble about subscribing in a 5minute video…. Take my dislike.

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