Studying Complex Systems – Simulating the Monopoly Board Game -

Studying Complex Systems – Simulating the Monopoly Board Game

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How can you simulate complex environments to get insight in the most frequent processes?

Learning more details about the behavior of complex systems and the relationship between different components of this system is very often needed. This case study shows how Monte Carlo simulations can be used to simulate the Monopoly board game. The simulations include analysis of the visit frequency on different fields of the board game, as well as a profitability analysis of different properties.

Introduction: 0:00
Case Study: 1:35
Analyzing the Visit Frequency: 7:05
Profitability Analysis: 19:05
Visualization Dashboard in SAS Visual Analytics: 22:05
Tipps and Tricks for the implementation in SAS: 29:15
Summary: 33:50
Dedication: 37:06

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Presentation 106 and 110 at Github:
Book “Applying Data Science”, case study 8, chapter 26-28:
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More webinars: “Home Alone” Data Science Webinar from Gerhard: LinkedIn and Medium
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  1. Very interesting video – would love to see more of these with other popular games!

  2. That's why I like Gerhard Svolba so much: Always comes up with great ideas for interesting case studies!! Can't wait to see him in real-life speeches again. 🙂 #TeamGerhard

  3. I love this as i'm avid board game player and would love to get better Settlers of Catan

  4. Very interesting, would it also be possible to analyse chess moves and the prediction of winning via SAS?

  5. Very interesting idea. Great way to show an intersting application of data science.

  6. Helpful presentation.Thanks you so much.

  7. I like the everyday use case. Shows how analytics can be used everywhere.

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