Super Mario Bros Movie Game #nintendo #toys #supermariobrosmovie #monopoly #peaches #toad #luigi -

Super Mario Bros Movie Game #nintendo #toys #supermariobrosmovie #monopoly #peaches #toad #luigi

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Mario Bros Movie Monopoly Game!!! I like that the rules are a bit different and the money is coins not cash. Also love that bowser is in the game trying to defeat everyone. Highly recommend picking it up and playing with friends or family!


  1. seen in this in the shorts video section.
    This monopoly seems to have less spaces.
    Where is the monopoly money. just card cutout. id replace those with real coins.

    Does it play any good? Compaired to regular monopoly?

  2. I am subscribed to your channel ❤❤ your channel is so cool

  3. It would be good if they added colour to the pieces I think.

  4. So when i play today with my brother we moved bowser like 3 spaces back or whatever when the bowser's fiery card told us too he land on go to jail? what happens then, how u get bowser out?

  5. Amazon sent me one that was completely smashed. There were rips on the box and half of the board was raised.

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