The Best Game of Monopoly Ever Played -

The Best Game of Monopoly Ever Played

Game Attack
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Super Chats During the Premiere Are Welcome. In a battle that will go down in history as one of the most amazing, fierce games ever played, the boys went after something but only one came our with everything.

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Game Attack videos offer an amazingly fun experience through video games through the eyes of Craig, Bolen, Greyson, Chase, and Wes. We love live content and hope you consider coming to meet us on Twitch.


  1. Did you guys post the video of you playing Risk?

  2. I don’t think I have ever finished a single game of monopoly

  3. This was amazing to watch i hope you premier the risk game next week!

  4. Greyson needed to be less conservative and should’ve bought more houses. he would’ve whittled down Craig and stayed in the game longer.

  5. Take a drink every time Craig knocks down the dog with the dice

  6. Thanks for sharing GameAttack vids on YouTube. Twitch is weird and scary to me… so it's nice to be able to see these streams here.

  7. Hey, before reading the comments, how about adding another thumbs up to this video.

  8. Bolen is like wario. You want him to loose

  9. Play D&D it's a major timesuck but boy would it be fun.

  10. Wes was lucky Craig was… fair and made a deal with him when he could have gotten his properties for free.

    But after the… mistakes he made during his first two deals, his bankruptcy became inevitable.

  11. I just recently uploaded my first real video! Go check out my retrospective look back at Pokémon Snap and leave me some feedback!

  12. Thank you guys for uploading this. I miss the days you guys used to upload everything on youtube after the fact. I never catch the damn streams on time. X(

  13. The biggest issue I had was Grayson never buying property’s on orange and capitalizing on them landing there when exiting jail.

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