The Board Games we've played in May -

The Board Games we’ve played in May

Boxed Meeples
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While Libby has been away for much of the Month with work, this hasn’t stopped the board game playing!

Its time for another monthly Board Game Roundup!

01:40 My City Roll & Write
02:31 No Thanks!
02:47 6 Nimmt
03:50 RoboTRONderby Express
04:35 Yokohama
05:59 Shot in the Dark
06:42 Tussie Mussie
07:49 Unfathomable
08:58 Animal Crossing Monopoly
12:44 Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy
13:34 Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion
14:02 The Great Wall
15:31 Root
16:33 Paris la cite de la lumiere
18:19 The Crew : Mission Deep Sea
19:30 Potion Explosion
19:51 Teotihuacan
20:16 Architects of the West Kingdom
21:03 Scythe
23:08 Res Arcana


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We are Libby and Julian, a British couple that posts high quality, stylised videos twice a week. In the past we’ve worked with several independent publishers to produce bespoke Kickstarter videos. We are also actively involved in the board game community, having done collaborations with The Dice Tower and Foster the Meeple . We’ve published more than 100 videos with a number of list videos gaining over 3,000 views each. It total the channel has had close to 30,000 views.

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  1. The Animal Crossing Monopoly game is the favourite one that you mentioned! I am a huge fan of ACNH

  2. Thanks for Monthly recap. Congratulations only a few subs from 500

  3. If you're after an Animal Crossing game there is a themed version of the card game Whot. It's OK, not the greatest game ever.

  4. I have so many email alerts on potion explosion. I even emailed a few shops but they had no info on a restock. 😭

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