The COMPLETE Guide: How to Play Monopoly from (Start to Finish) -

The COMPLETE Guide: How to Play Monopoly from (Start to Finish)

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In this video, learn how to play Monopoly From Start to Finish. We go over the game’s rules and teach you how to set up the game, how a turn works, what each space does, etc…

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0:00 Introduction
0:02 How to Set up Monopoly – Including How much money do you start with?
0:22 Objective of the Game (How to Win)
0:25 Who goes first?
0:32 On Your Turn
0:44 Rolling Doubles
0:54 Different Types of Property Spaces
1:03 Land on Unowned Property (Buying/Auctioning)
1:29 Importance of Full Property Sets
1:43 Landing on Properties someone owns (Streets, Railroads, & Utilities)
2:11 Action Spaces (Go, Chance, Community Chest, Income Tax, Luxury Tax, Free Parking, Just Visiting, Go to Jail,
2:46 What can you do while in Jail?
2:53 How to get out of Jail?
3:26 Building Houses & Hotels
4:06 Last Building OR No Buildings left
4:26 Deals & Trades
4:48 Trading Mortgaged Property
5:04 How to raise money when you owe and can’t pay
5:11 Selling Buildings back to the bank
5:23 Mortgaging Breakdown
5:47 Going Bankrupt
6:19 End of the Game
6:25 Thanks for watching!

Hope you enjoy it!!

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  1. If you don't have 200 dollars, you pay 10% of your total wealth to income tax

  2. If you still outside you have to go home and save 5 dollars for landing in jail for your next role

  3. Land on the property space you owe me a one hundred

  4. If you owe one dollar messages why you like the movie

  5. You got to pay rent even if they don’t ask

  6. 😳 there are so many rules. You lost me at building houses and hotels

  7. Monopoly is hard man even harder the collage sheesh

  8. We always put all money paid to the bank into a pot and whoever lands on free parking gets to collect the pot! Adds a bit of fun IMO.

  9. What does Mortgage mean like what do I have to do plz answer

  10. I have a doubt.
    We must buy houses and then give that to bank ans give money and buy the house ah.
    Or we can directly buy hotels.

  11. How about if we dont have the colour grouping, can we buy a houses at that land?please answer me…

  12. Can i trade my property and house with other players??? what will be the price??

  13. If you're buying multiple buildings, you have to build them as evenly as possible. You can't build up or break down just one property.

  14. How to master monopoly 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😛😇😛

  15. wait, if you roll the same number of die on the board, you go to jail ?

  16. How many houses can you buy at a time? Can you buy houses on different streets at the same time or just 1 house at a time?

  17. Plz tell that if someone buys our unmortgaged property so how much price will he pay to us?

  18. Plz tell if we lands on a property that we don't want to buy neither the other players offer a single bid for it so do we have to necessarily buy it then?

  19. អ៊ូ បញ្ញារិទ្ទ says:

    Ok i know how to play Monopoly now. Can you buy it for me?

  20. Can't other players pay the mortgage on your property if they land on it and then own it.

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