the dark history behind monopoly -

the dark history behind monopoly

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disclaimer: the only accurate faces in the video are the parker bros, charles darrow, henry george, the thuns, and our girl Lizzie Magie

we gonna dive into the grimy history of monopoly and some other fun facts you might not know about

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  1. what should i do for the 500 subscriber special???

  2. To understand what motivated Lizzie Magie to create "The Landlord's Game" it is a good idea to find and read any of the books written by Henry George. George argued the case for the community ownership of land, leased out to individuals and private entities by the process of competitive bidding.

  3. I Really Love This Channel! Its Sad That good youtubers have less than 2k subs but shity youtubers have over millions. This World is stoopid (bdw i have finally got 35 subscribers!)

  4. Another lovely vid <3 love the explanation and editing! I skipped the anime vid, but I kinda missed this type of vid!!!

  5. Nice video! But I wonder what nice stuff can you find in digimon tri for the next lol

  6. JUSTICE FOR LIZZIE nice video I had no idea about any of this so thank you for the entertaining history lesson.

  7. Dude you're gonna blow up. Can't believe you've been here for a year and I've never seen your channel. You have really good sound engineering, visuals and music selection, just overall great production value. Looking forward to watching your backlig and nuploads in the future!

  8. I don’t give a damm to that anti monopoly fan

  9. Loved the video & I really liked the subtle use of the music from the Monopoly video game (I have played Monopoly for Nintendo Switch a lot).

    Wish they would reproduce The Landlords Game as it's an important piece of the games history. Even if it's a more complex game, I'd like to to try it.

  10. I came back as I thought this find would be up people's ally here. I found a person on eBay who makes reproduction Monopoly boards. I was impressed as they have reproduction of boards like the landlords game & the original round board. There expensive but seem worth the price, I'm thinking of savings up for one or more of these.

  11. Sounds like poor Lizzy was the Nicola Tesla of the board game industry…well every industry needs one of each… The loser that invents the real thing, and the slimy, greedy, dirt bag that steals the thing and profits big time.

  12. Monopoly is actually just proof that Capitalism WORKS. Not everyone in the world deserves to be rich. Because if that happened then everyone would technically be poor.

  13. don't worry Me and my other 5 cousins played for over 5 days on a vacation. LOL, every day 5 hr so 25 hr well yeah.

  14. Adam Ruins Everything mentioned Magee & Her Landlords Game. I'm APPALLED at Darrow & Parker Brothers for not only stealing her original idea, they kept the truth from all & still do to this day all in the name of Capitalism & profits. FUCK'EM.
    I want a true copy of The Landlords Game, that which promotes income equality for all, not the bullshit today of 1 gets all & all gets scraps, which happens in real-time.
    Simply put, to which I quote 3 Dog from Fallout 3:

    "The Enclave has quality brahmin, & everyone else gets spoonfed the bullshit".

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