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Monopoly is a great game… for destroying friendships and making people hate each other forever and ever and ever…

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  1. Oh my god how did Mark pull through after all that X'DD

  2. i appreciate the ferris wheel by virginia that just says THE BIG WHALE

  3. There is nothing better than literally forcing a rage quit on people in TOXIC CAPITALISM: THE GAME

  4. Wade's the real winner here, he was smart enough to back the fuck out and watch Mark and Bob eat each other, unless that would've been the case if Bob hadn't done what Bob had done

  5. The true speed die, you get it once after 30 rolls, odd numbers they go bankrupt, even, you do.

  6. Step one play Monopoly step 2 read the rules step 3 play the game step 4 get mad step 5 flip the bored step 6 burn the cards step 7 chop up the board into little tiny cardboard pieces step 8 sell the cardboard chips for money step nine profit

  7. Man, it always makes me sad when Wade is the butt of the joke 🙁 I stopped enjoying their collaborative videos a long time ago, when I realized that making fun of Wade and excluding him despite how badly he wants to be included is something I went through as a kid.

  8. Wade: where is Ohio avenue
    Mark: this is a City Ohio isn't important enough
    Me and Wade two people who live in Ohio: oh ok I see

  9. I agree this game ruined families an the game of life as well

  10. Wait me and my friends if we play monopoly, we actualy didn't hate eachother
    Why? Cause i have no friends

  11. how dare they have US names ….. FOR SHAME ! 😛

  12. the little man is advance to the nearest unowned property unless owned go to the the property with the most rent

  13. If you think monopoly breaks friendship then you should play the ultimate chicken horse.

  14. not even a minute in wade already starts screaming😂

  15. "Nothing is wrong with Monopoly"
    The video is 46 minutes. I rest my case

  16. i have spent my entire day watching mark play board games

  17. Does anyone know which episode it is where markiplier and bob imitate cereal ads?

  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one who played Monopoly Plus

  19. Wade: *Says the letter M"

    Bob: you know you're really being aggressive towards Mark over here and you should calm down

  20. this game has mixed reviews because the timer glitches and people can't end there turn. Also there's no way Bob attempted to trade $1500 for boardwalk and THERE'S NO WAY wade refused to take advantage of that dumb trade lmao

  21. I used to think Monopoly was broken, turns out that was by design.

  22. "this game works amazing, why is it mixed reviews?"
    Famous last words

  23. Why you guys saying fuck me :'(
    what did i ever do..

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