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The Hidden Genius of Monopoly’s Rules | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios

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Is Monopoly Broken, or Brilliant?

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We all know the Monopoly rules right? You roll dice, move your piece, buy property, and… five hours later we’re tired and bored and HATE MONOPOLY in general. Why? Because MONOPOLY IS TERRIBLE, right? Well, actually maybe not. The Monopoly game we think we’re playing is actually something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the one we actually play. Whether this is Monopoly online, the Monopoly board game, or even CAT MONOPOLY, we approach the game almost completely wrong. But why? WHY?! Watch this week’s episode of PBS Game/Show and find out!


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  1. In hood Monopoly, the banker be paying himself interest for being the banker. People get money when they get out of jail. The game last 10 hours long.

  2. People hate Monopoly, for simple 2 reasons
    1. The Monopoly company have been flogging a dead horse for close to a century.
    2. There are literally thousands of better games than Monopoly and despite this you don't see them in mainstream department stores. The Irony is that Monopoly has the monopoly on board games in our supermarkets. Not because it's a solid game but because it's the only game we're allowed to buy, along with a handful of others. Because of this people get a mindset of board games are this, when they're no longer anything like this.
    If people actually played these other games, they would realise what a terrible game Monopoly is. The reality Tabletop Games aren't the same as they used to be, they have evolved beyond Monopoly.

  3. Monopoly is the greatest board game of all time. Anybody who says it's boring must be bad at it.

  4. Great content. I like playing to short the houses. Makes the games a little shorter.

  5. Considering Monopoly uses two dice to move…
    That would mean you have a 16.6% chance to roll a 7, a 13.9% chance to roll a 6 or 8, an 11.1% chance to roll a 5 or 9, an 8.3% chance to roll a 4 or 10, a 5.5% chance to roll a 3 or 11, and a 2.8% chance to roll a 2 or 12.
    knowing this information can predict where your opponent will move, and changes the value of the properties.

  6. As far as I know, auctions can be participated in by anyone, even the person who landed on the property but wasn't interested in. You could pay like 1/10000th of the total price if your bid of $1 was the highest one.

  7. And then there are my friends and I who bet on every monopoly game that we play everyday

  8. I've literally never met anyone who dislikes this game though.

  9. Idk but I often get to deal with Great Trades with other players leading them to lose the game after 20 minutes.

  10. okay, let me get this out of the way. I use house rules to play the game (mainly the free parking thing and the rule where if your in jail, nobody pays you money) and with those rules the game actually becomes way more interesting. If someone is winning but another player lands on free parking then it gives them a chance for a comeback or will at least be more exiting, same if one person goes to jail 10 times and doesn't get rent. It may be the fact that my family can play 5 hour board games and wont get tired, but i think house rules can make the game more fun. That's all i have to say.

  11. I have been playing it right all along 🙂

  12. its brokenly brilliant, because that what how society actually works, in real life its even more broken that you dont even get that 1500 buck to begin with

  13. Free Parking jackpot is an option in the mobile Monopoly game.

  14. When i played monopoly with my friends and houses run out, i search houses of an old monopoly. I knew the strategy and it would benefit me… But common, I live in Venezuela, im tired of shortage, i fuckin hate socialism, I don't wanna shortage in my game :c

  15. I love Monopoly and I would love to play by the official rules. My family always had the $400 for landing on Go and money going to Free Parking. The more you artificially inject money into the game's the economy, the more you drag the game out. Another misconception that not everyone talks about is that you are actually allowed to build houses and hotels in between other people's turns, not just on your own. The rules explicitly state that. You can of course choose to only build on your turn if you so desire but the idea that you can only build during your turn is a house rule. Sadly video game adaptations perpetuate this myth. The 2006 Here & Now Edition says nothing about turns in the houses and hotels section of its rulebook oddly enough though most other editions including stock Monopoly do. Someone made a socialist parody of Monopoly that I ran into on Amazon one time called Monopoly Socialism. It's more a socialist version of regular capitalist Monopoly than based on the original game Monopoly was based on.

  16. Monopoly teaches you how real world works. Taxes. Buying, selling.

  17. Play with your Bernie bro friends and turn them into capitalists in under an hour, and not argue politics 🤗

  18. If I never played this game again I would be just fine.

  19. I actually don't mind that the game takes so long with the additional fun rules. That's WHY I love the game. Where everyone else is bored, I'm hyperfocused.

  20. Monopoly is actually my favorite board game.

  21. If you master monopoly, then you are in right way crossing baby steps towards financial education

  22. The premise that we're playing the board game wrong, by following the rules of the board game and thereby not enjoying it, is what's wrong here.

    Yeah there's probably a version of a Game That Is Very Much LIKE The Game We Know As Monopoly.

    That game, is NOT Monopoly.

  23. I see free parking as a government bailout of a failing company so it at least fits thematically

  24. I feel like people who hate Monopoly have never won a single game or are sour losers who don’t know how to play the game.

  25. I love Monopoly. I use to think its too long but once I fully understood how to play, I enjoy it more. Plus most people don't know the strategy of the game so it's easy to win.

  26. Because thats waht i desire in a board game. lessons on socialist vitues

  27. The Landlord's Game wasn't actually socialist; it was Georgist. Georgism was sort of like the middle ground between capitalism and socialism; it taught that people were entitled to the wealth they produced but land and other natural resources should be commonly held. Actual socialists held Georgism in low esteem, viewing it as the last gasp of capitalism.

  28. But hold on. Monopoly isn’t a bad game. I love monopoly and so do many others.

  29. I love this game and its condemnation of capitalism

  30. I don't believe I've ever met anyone who's played Monopoly that doesn't love it. It's an evil sadistic game where you destroy the lives of your opponents (usually your loving family members), brag when winning, throw tantrums when losing, and occasionally even toss the whole damm thing into the fireplace just to get another next Christmas and start the war all over again. What's not to love?

  31. Monopoly is the best board game ever made. Monopoly Mega is an even better version ❤

  32. Hmm no papers please critique is on socialism and how oppressive it is not migration and the funny part is that the very ones who promote migration are socialists who want to wreck the country so they can rule

  33. I think free park plays into the simulation better then without it because the economy is expanding over time and while there is downturns and upturns and cashflow goes in and out but occasionally you have a boom from free parking.

    Also ive played a recreation of the old version and it actually made me even more anti communist for several reasons so kinda had the opposite effect there.

  34. This is the reason to play online: you have to follow the rules.

  35. It only celebrates capitalism if you lack awareness, most of the political tags here are pretty subjective.

  36. Ah all that racism the democrats caused. Tsk tsk.

  37. The excess length of the game (caused by house rules and improper strategy) is not the actual core issue with Monopoly, merely the most complained about. The actual core issue with Monopoly is that there is no strategic depth. There is a mathematically correct way to play, which is trivial to calculate, and has no variance. In that sense, there is in fact no game here.

  38. This went different from how I expected.

    The game breaker I expected was the fact a lot of people don't play with auctions, which keeps the game moving.

    I've also seen the creativity of pissed off opponents colluding to wreck your day in the most extreme way.

    That was interesting when it happened.

    In my mind, it's you versus everyone else, to them, I got tag teamed in the dumbest way.

  39. if you're playing Monopoly right, you're not playing Monopoly right………

  40. I never knew monopoly was so hated, I never knew anyone who disliked it. Don't hit me with that the winner is known at the beggining which was mentioned in the video because I never saw that happen.

  41. Playing it right is still miserable, just like living in capitalism.

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