The Luckiest Game of Monopoly Ever Played -

The Luckiest Game of Monopoly Ever Played

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It’s Monopoly, brother


  1. I would be so pissed if this happened to me. Excellent editing work NL

  2. Please view top right of the video for gambler's fallacy odds.

  3. Has the egg been editing videos? Or have there been the community or something

  4. This VOD was awful to watch, Daniel only had one monopoly, the 2nd worst one on the board and he actually made Austin cry, cheat and give all his properties to malf, against the spirit of the game. Which Ryab followed suit in and did it halfway giving malf half his properties for free.

    Austin ruined monopoly because he couldn't win, and couldn't learn THE ART OF THE DEAL.

  5. Wht dont you show you landing on a Dan space, owing 600 buck and giving away all your money and property to Malf so Dan doesnt get anything?
    You coward, not showing your disgusting plays. (Btw Austin did the same)

  6. I dunno if its the luckiest Monopoly game I've seen but this is definitely up there as one of the luckiest.

  7. This video is empirical documentation of karmic balance in the universe. From start to end… Perfectly balanced.

  8. I was here.

    This applies to the original live stream.
    This also applies to the birth of edited NL content era.

  9. Oof egg does not understand the math of rolling two dice, still appreciate the effort

  10. Dan played such a greedy early game but the karmic justice didn't arrive until much much later hahaha

    Watched the VOD at work, but had to see this video after I heard you edited it 😉

  11. The egg forgot to mention that he and wolf both traded all their properties to Malf for 1 dollar to gang up on Dan. Ya scumbags, Dan was the G.O.A.T. of the game. Took 3 of ya to scrape by.

  12. Hey those % are wrong.
    The chance to roll a 7 is higher than the chance to roll a 2 or 12.
    Why? Because you are rolling 2 dice, and more combinations of those 2 are 7 than 2.

    Rolls that end in 2:
    1 : 1

    Rolls that end on 7:
    1 : 6
    2 : 5
    3 : 4
    4 : 3
    5 : 2
    6 : 1

  13. Comment for Youtube Algorithms , because this is QUALITY

  14. Is it just me or does the low voice of the games narrator in the background sound like malf ???

  15. Edited videos? I am legitimately concerned for him.

  16. I had a game of Monopoly which was hilarious… Think there was this one area of the board which would've just bankrupted or almost bankrupted me and it was like 3 spaces of hotels… I literally went over or between those 3 spaces endlessly to the point where we were joking about it and it just kept happening… Think I lost that game, but I lasted way longer then you would've expected…

  17. Austin was such a sore loser this game it actually made me mad.

  18. Never tell me the odds!
    Continues to tell the odds every turn

  19. I wish when they streamed collabs the people actually had a fuckin personality that stood out. BORRRRING

  20. The odds are even more ridiculous that that.

    Like on the second roll, malf cannot roll 11 either, or he lands in orange city

  21. Can't calculate conditional probabilities like this. You would have to exhaust the whole tree of probabilities from the first node. Because, for example rolling an 8 at the start gives you different odds for every subsequent roll than rolling a six.

  22. The game was awesome until you and Austin decided to both be Big B's witn LiL P's and literally give all of your properties to Malf for 1$. Anyone who's seen the entire video knows that Dan was the true winner.

  23. Austin is one of the worst types of people to be friends with… such a sore loser and a hypocrite

  24. Woah this is like a 2008 youtube video or something

  25. I love malf and this win was awesome but fuck Austin for ruining the game by being petty and having no integrity by trading all his properties and money to malf because he got mad. No one likes a monopoly sore loser

  26. I like how NL is shamefully hiding the fact that him and Austin are the biggest cowards in existence and gave everything they had to malf because they were salty that Dan outplayed them.

  27. Not really that lucky when it's basically 3v1

  28. 3 minutes and 20 seconds in that noise was mighty loud and scared me

  29. Malf: Never tell me the odds
    NL: Proceeds to make an 8 minute edited video telling him the odds

  30. I mean I just lost a hand of poker where I had 99.6% chance to win on the flop so it happens.

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