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The Mandalorian Monopoly Game!

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Take a closer look at what makes the all-new Mandalorian Monopoly game perfect for your next game night, and pre-order yours now! This is the way.

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  1. Why is there a can of shaving cream in the shelf with all the collectibles?

  2. Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition

    The way the rules read you have to battle any Imperial you land on or pass and Moff Gideon sends you to jail if you lose or the game ends if you win. Since he doesn't move unless all the hideouts are sold or both troopers are down to the last battle card that means NOBODY can make it past him to collect the twenty credit bounty at GO or buy up the property that is on the other side of him.

    Whoever wrote the rules of this game never tested the game play because it can not be played as written.

    The way we play it is with these modifications to the rules.

    1. You only battle an Imperial if you land on his position or he lands on yours.

    2. If you win a battle with a trooper he is vanquished to the next empty Imperial fortress.

    3. Trooper battle cards remain in rotation and troopers are never removed from the game. This keeps the challenge of combat ever present in the game.

    4. If you land on an Imperial fortress and there is no Imperial present you roll the silver dice and it puts ALL Imperials in motion that distance.

    This keeps the Imperials constantly moving about the game table and creates a faster playing game.

    The only way the game ends is if someone defeats Moff Gideon or the Imperial forces capture the Child.

    You're welcome!

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