The Monopoly & Board Game Themed House In Orlando Florida The Great Escape Parkside -

The Monopoly & Board Game Themed House In Orlando Florida The Great Escape Parkside

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If you like Board games like monopoly, clue, scrabble, risk, Stratego, And Operation You’re probably gonna love this house
Hey friends as you can tell I’ve been taking a liking To finding unique themed Airbnb‘s and vacation rentals such as the Harry Potter Airbnb and the Star Wars Airbnb so today I wanted to show you another amazing themed house but this one is all about boardgames 15 bedrooms 13 bathrooms all separately themed from everything including A Monopoly themed bedroom To a scrabble themed bedroom A Risk themed bedroom and Even an operation themed bedroom
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  1. If it smells like a casino isn’t that just cig smell..

  2. These rooms are so cool!! The only thing I am sad they did not have is an uno room

  3. 15 bedroom house 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  4. Tv show game room was my favorite ☺️.

  5. Thank you for making great content that has no masks. My son is triggered by masks.These themed homes are a brilliant thing to show.

  6. My mom and I were planning on staying here with a ton of our friends a couple years ago. But then we had to cancel because I have some issues I don’t wanna talk about. I was so sad, this looks so cool

  7. I saw this in my recommended but watched it after sml filmed here

  8. Omg this is so cool!!!!!

    Every detail was thought out..the theater and the pool shook me omg I'm in love 😍😍

  9. I love this house. the life room and the game room with Xbox ps4 and switch was my favorite.

  10. How much did it cost to build this house I wonder?

  11. Where's The Payday game theme bedroom?

  12. I’ve never played this board game before however, my favorite room has to be between the clue boardgame bedroom and who wants to be a millionaire game show bedroom.

  13. my favourite bedroom in this house is the monopoly room

  14. Rooms i would want to use: video game, twister, and Minecraft

  15. Has anyone realize that the secret 6 / Chad wild clay, vy qwaint, Stephen sharer, Grace sharer, Rebecca zamolo and Matt slays went to this house and the game master was there

    BTW I love your vids it's sooooooo cool

  16. You should show us the outside of the homes as well! That would make it so much better!! Looks super cool!

  17. I’m actually going there in a few weeks

  18. All I need is the clue room. My favorite bored game is Clue and I enjoy escapes rooms 😍

  19. I love this house but I’d never sleep. I’d be playing games and escape rooms all night. I love the clue rooms. Amazing!

  20. That house is crazy. The people that come up with all of these ideas are wild. Very cool home. Love that these themed house videos get great views.

  21. This was used in one Super Bowser Logan Video

  22. The Scrabble room and Laser tag room were my favourites!

  23. I love Jumanji theatre room I love all of Jumanji films

  24. Silly Nate – Its Stra-te-go like green means go. I used to have this game and played it religiously – watch out for the bomb pieces lol

  25. What country is this because I want to go there with my family

  26. The craziest thing is that (assuming this was uploaded the day after it was filmed), Regis Philbin died on that same day…

  27. IS this the same house chad wild clay stayed in?

  28. I choose Casino room 1 night and next visit I would take Who wants to be a millionaire. My 2 favorites!

  29. WOW this house is amazing. The detail is incredible.

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