The Monopoly Playmaster Demonstration -

The Monopoly Playmaster Demonstration

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Here is a sample of the sounds you may hear on the Monopoly Playmaster and what they mean. Use this when playing Monopoly instead of the dice. The Playmaster keeps track of where each player’s piece is and what they own, etc. The Monopoly game board is sold separately and does not come with this item, but this item can be used with almost any Monopoly game.


  1. where do you put the fish? does it hurt?

  2. I found this is the box looks new. I had no idea what it was for. The video was a big help thanks.

  3. That's awesome.  Thank you for sharing this.  Very neat add-on!

  4. Monopoly does not permit loans and there are no "loan call backs."

  5. I remember this vintage electronic game. Me & my family used to have this game. Thinking about buying it on ebay.

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