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  1. “Money doesn’t mean anything”
    Proceeds to fund tyranny

  2. No adept zoil moxy or poke this is so sad or hassan

  3. I just watched Moses’s rise to power, his leader arc, his betrayal arc, his downfall, and his redemption arc in 2 hours thats going down in the monopoly history books

  4. no one in chat actually thought of the raw potential of that 1.1k trade i agree too much money but the thought of building brown and literally getting everybody broke before the money started to flow was a literal gigachad strat

  5. This guy knows how to waste all his money on the worst properties in monopoly

  6. My reaction to quad snake eyes in a row like what kinda is that?!? 4:40

  7. Rushing brown is a good strategy for early-mid game, paying 1.1k + property for reaching that goal is the mistake.

  8. I swear X is the most unlucky mf in monopoly. I've seen like 4 videos of monopoly where this dude makes an actually somewhat smart decision with getting houses out early but nobody ever lands on them all game.

  9. they literally teamed up against him and still lost

  10. really makes you wonder whats going on in his head when he thinks 1.1k plus property is a good trade for one brown


  12. Jesus Kyle could have ended the game before 1 hr mark. He had a whole side of the board and didnt go all in into houses??? He can just mortgage his other 20 properties if he had to pay someone and it would take like 5 dice throws until someone land on his 650+ dollars property

  13. xqc trying to justify what he paid for the brown is probably one of the most ludicrous things i've heard this year so far. probably the worst monopoly deal i've ever seen in my life

  14. For people interested in math, the odds of rolling 4 doubles in a row are 0.077%, or 1 chance on 1298. The calculation is pretty simple actually. You roll 2 dices, and the first isn't counted in this case. What are the odds for the second dice to be the same? 1/6, and you repeat this 4 times : 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 = 0.077% or 1/1298.

  15. Idk who this Kyle guy is but he’s actually just dumb for saying Deans deal wasn’t good business, but even worse…no way Dean made that absolute braindead deal. He should’ve taken at the very minimum 1k for that deal.

  16. Also X paying 1.1k was idiotic, he could’ve been in great position early game but he sold by literally giving all his money away. He should’ve had enough for Hotels and at least 400 in the bank

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