The Most Intense Monopoly Game... -

The Most Intense Monopoly Game…

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The Most Intense Monopoly Game… This was really funny!
@Sapnap , @Dream , @Karl , @Ranboo and @BadBoyHalo played a really hilarious game of Monopoly! This was a lot of fun and even became super intense!

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Monopoly is a game where players try and collect all the properties on the board. The last player standing wins! This was a lot of fun!


  1. I don't understand monopoly, but I understand the pink card.

    the pink card.

  2. i belive in sapnap supremacy 🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐

  3. ranboo is too fucking good at this game what the hell

  4. i watched the stream and since then i havent stopped sayijng "jarl kacobs"

  5. Sapnap: I SUCK AT MONOPOLY okay

  6. I love how it's just them going in circles trying to scam each other out of cards

  7. I watched the entire stream which was 3 hours and this video is 16 minutes…

  8. You carzy calm down like it the picture lol

  9. The three dislikes are people who lost in Uno.

  10. “now i’m about to go back to big daddy Sapnap”

  11. love how bad was willing to give his entire life for those pink cards lmao

  12. I felt a lot like Ranboo during the whole stream. I had no friends and over the summer I studied monopoly so I kept yelling at everyone through the screen.

  13. Everyone was trading with Ranboo lmao, i love this group way too much <33

  14. I have never played this version of monopoly so I don’t have a clue what’s going on but it’s so funny so never mind lmao

  15. As a trans person named Max this gave me so much gender euphoria its not okay! 12:09

  16. Gangstar….?

    Jjba part 5 fans enter the chat

  17. I don't even know how to play Monopoly ☹️☹️

  18. I didn’t understand half of the game because I rarely ever trade in monopoly and I haven’t played in like 6 months

  19. After all the properties are bought it's just D E A L S

  20. Ranboo thinks that we didn't realize he chose the cat.
    But I did.

    HahAhA CaTbOy

  21. Who edited this??!! Can't understand even a thing!! Loved your other videos tho. No hate…🤗🤗

  22. "a rofflecopter" you mean a ROFLcopter sjhksjdhs roflmao

  23. "the only pink you're gonna see are the worms swimming through your body when you're underground bankrupt and dead" good heavens Karl-

  24. ranboo literally knows all the statistics and the game so well
    ranboo is god

  25. Why us bad always drunk in sapnap’s videos ?
    First in uno now in monopoly, what's next ?

  26. these are my litereal comfort videos there friendship dynamic is so funny ehfjhdfsd

  27. The reason Dream lost is because he hit declare bankruptcy and forfeited the match. Pause at 15:36.

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