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The Problem with Ms. Monopoly & The 10 Worst Monopoly Games

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Did you guys hear about the new Monopoly game: Ms. Monopoly…

“With all of the things surrounding female empowerment, it felt right to bring this to Monopoly in a fresh new way,” Boswinkel said. “It’s giving the topic some relevancy to everyone playing it that everybody gets a turn, and this time women get an advantage at the start.”

The debate over equal pay starts before shuffling the cards, choosing a token and rolling the dice.

The banker doles out $1,900 in Monopoly Money to each female player and $1,500 to each male. The gap continues every time a player passes go with women collecting $240 and men $200.

Instead of investing in real estate properties like the classic game, players invest in inventions and innovations made by women, including chocolate chip cookies, bulletproof vests, solar heating and ladies’ modern shapewear.

“We made sure that this felt authentic and was a fun game families could play and learn about these things that they love and are a part of their life that they didn’t know were invented by women,” Boswinkel said.

Other updates to the game include new tokens including a white hat, a watch, a barbell, a glass and a jet plane.

Ugh… Why waste a good idea of supporting Women inventors, with a rule that allows female players to cheat? How is this good for equality and the pay gap debate? This will only anger men further. Andy Signor breaks down his thoughts… and goes through some of the other worst editions of Monopoly previously out there. And calls out Hasboro, for if they really wanted to support female inventors, they’d finally give credit to the original inventor of Monopoly Lizzie Magie. Look her up! Her story is depressing.

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  1. You're wrong on the general pay gap Andy. Men and Women are paid equally for the same amount of work in any part of America. It's literally illegal to do otherwise. Soes it still happen regardless? Most likely. However the same could be said for the reverse. The gender pay gap is down to individual life choices. For example, women are less likely to strive for higher paying jobs and are more likely to be content with less hours working and more free time. This as well as childcare which historically women have generally been more efficient at among a variety of different variables is why a gender pay gap exists. Most companies aren't such boy clubs that they would actively seek to ignore a potentially valuable asset. I'd we want the gender pay gap to stop, maybe we should encourage more girls to pursue higher paying careers.

  2. Show Jordan Peterson’s videos about pay gap topic… it’s not so simple and unfair

  3. Will they include a "false accusation" card? If they had played "divorce court" they would know men dont always get more money ^^

  4. Is a game that says that regular monopoly is to hard for females

  5. TL;DR: Paygap is a myth, lookup Factual Feminist, the first video on her series addresses this.

    Just saying, this monopoly seems fun as in the "so dumb it's fun" kind of way. If it doesn't affect me, I am all for live and let live, so I have nothing against this existing. What I have problems with is the propagation of the gender pay gap myth.
    Yes, there is a discrepancy if you take all men's salaries and compare that to all women's salaries. That gap disappears if you normalize for careers (men tend to go for higher-paying jobs) because socially (not commenting on whether it is good or bad), men focus on their career, while women tend to focus on family, picking jobs that have less pressure to be able to be with the family more. If females made less for the same job, employers would be hiring only females, since cheaper labor and all, or are you implying that people hire males because they do a better job even if it costs more, saying that females do a poor job? Please look into the videos by Factual Feminist, she does a great job of explaining this whole issue.

  6. Oof. Hot take. Bye Andy, see ya in the next video.

  7. Brah just stop it. The pay gap is a myth. Do your research before you do a YouTube video.

  8. just like with affirmative action some people need a handycap to keep up lol why work hard when you can be carried by the harder working people ahead of you.. i think its racist and sexist to offer these hanycaps.

  9. The gender pay gap seems illogical to me. If women really are payed less for the SAME job and hours then there would be a looooot of suing.But if you know something we don’t know please make a video on the matter. Because i dont remember any women who came forward for getting payed less for the same things. Please inform me.

  10. I love the idea. That way when I win I can make all the jokes I want about women and money, right?
    Someone at Hasbro has already had this conversation and figured it was still a good idea.

  11. I think its hilarious I mean think what this implies, of course a tiny female brained could never beat big brained man in a board game

  12. There is no pay gap. If there was women would sue every major corporation. Plus, nobody would hire men because they could just exploit women and hire them on the cheap! Women don't generally value the same things as men. Duh.

  13. Makes no sense. All players start with the same amount

  14. The gender pay gap has been long debunked. Men work more labor skilled jobs. Men work more risky jobs. Take more overtime. Ask for raises. And they seek better when things are going south. Women have kids biologically and bc of that they choose to work more part time less likely to ask for a raise, and very few work in labor skilled fields.

  15. Hasbro are the masters of trolling at this point. It is so funny!

  16. The gender pay gap does not account for hours worked on average between women and men. Men work more and do more dangerous jobs.. that tend to pay a bit more. They also choose higher paid jobs. The gender pay gap is a myth. Unless you live in a muslim country there is no real gender pay gap. If you want global equality, then fight Islam and modern day feminism.

  17. In current day gender pay gap is a myth. In the past maybe. Idk why everyone likes to live in the past.

  18. Work same job with same hours and get paid the same. It's by law. LOL

  19. Joe has 3 apples, Sara has 1 apple = inequality

    Joe has 1 apple, Sara has 3 apples = inequality… even if Joe had more apples before. Two wrongs don't make a right!

    Joe and Sara have 2 apples = Equality!

  20. Ms. not Mrs….guess she wasn't wife material

  21. This game is cancer,and you are cancer,but dont worry you'll be just fine,If you can convince child sniffer Biden to give you the cure.

  22. M8 gender pay gap is only about that woman cry that they get on avarage less because they also choose less payd and more simple jobs. That like if I would cry that I get less for working in Mc'donald as cleaner then CEO of Mc'donald.
    Read some neutral infirmations on internet then say somethink ok? Don't be lioe anti-waxx moms that hade 5m of reaserch on anti-waxx sides and then started talking

  23. Now agree who cares what they make.. but I don't believe that women get paid less then men.. never in my 9-5 work experience have I ever gotten paid more especially when I was in retail. I guess it would depend on the scenario.. but I'm still not convinced.. we don't live in the 40s anymore. Just saying.

  24. The earnings gap is maybe 5% and that is easily explained by the fact that women tend to not negotiate their pay as much…..boom problem solved

  25. Sorry Andy, love you, but There is scant evidence women are paid less for the same work.

    There are a billion fair reasons the pay gap exists before controls are added within the US.

    There is also the gender equality paradox.

    This is just not a scientific view of the data.

  26. Please look up factual feminist's breakdown of the wage gap.

    Women make different choices than men, so they will inevitably be paid less in these pay gap OECD stats.

    Attempting to reduce the wage gap only grows or instantiates it in the gender equality paradox.

  27. Among ppl working over 35 hrs:

    Men work more per week.

    Men take less long breaks from work.

    Men take more dangerous work.

    Men work more scale-able jobs, jobs working with objects.

    Men are more willing to move for work.

    The list goes on, Andy.

  28. I doubt that your daughter will mind beating you at "game night" and if monopoly was your bar for teaching hard work you are already desperately lost. If you wanted to teach your kids to do the right thing you probably should teach them not to cheat on their spouse or sexually harassed their fans/ colleagues?

  29. Please Andy, tell us exactly how to inspire women? Is it by jacking it to their undies?

  30. 9:59 "women we're listening we believe" – Andy Signore. YA FUCKING RIGHT!

  31. The "Trans Gender" version oughta be a real hoot! 😂

  32. yeah I'm pretty sure that's not how monopoly works…

  33. This is a good intention but a bad business strategy for Hasbro, not just because the pay gap but because they have the ghost of Lizzie Magie as company. For sanity Hasbro should put a politically correct check point if they don't wanna mess up again.

  34. This the most sexiest board game ever, feminisms is about equality for men and women but this game is teaching children that the girl should get paid more than men for doing the the same job as a man!! The feminist that created this game is being a sexist

  35. Bruh last time i checked women make as much as men

  36. My boss(who is a woman.) I asked her how much she makes per hour and she told me. My other boss(who is a man.) who is a boss at the same franchise. I work at both and they make the exact same. Proof that the wage gap doesn’t exist in real life.

    Also when the wage gap comes up it’s always based on an average earnings of men vs. women. It doesn’t take into account the jobs, the hours worked and how men tend to retire at a later age(not always, but it’s more common than you think.) That’s why I think this game is very controversial.

  37. go to hasbros YouTube channel and go to the official commercial video for it and then look at the number at dislikes (if you’re reading this in the future your probably too late) if you see it comment what the number currently is

  38. Played the game. It wasn't fun, because I'm a male, but that's the point. Capitalism isn't fun when one gender receives more income than the other. Game was designed to flip the table and have males experience the downside of the pay gap. This game was not intended for equality, because the rules are obviously not equal.

  39. Who'll play ms. monopoly and say "well golly gum! I have changed! Originally I was a sexist, egotistical, lying, bigot! But since I've play a 75 year old game, I have learned to make myself a better person!"

  40. You claim there is a wage gap, yet that is simply a fallacy. The “wage gap” is actually the overall average that people make, men to women. Men make more over time because we work longer, take fewer days off, work higher paying jobs (and get promotions), and ask for raises more often. Women (feminists specifically) also like to complain they make less because they spend more money on useless stuff. You do not need a new dress or pair of shoes for EVERY single occasion, 1 outfit is enough.

    What it comes down to is, if a man works as, let’s say for example, a waiter, and the job earns $16 an hour, they make $16 an hour. If a women workes the exact same job for the same company, how much do they make? $16 an hour. Plain and simple.

  41. Yea cus this wont cause arguments at game night. who would play this its basicly saying woman are aloud to cheat

  42. So if only women played this game without men to compete against, then, whats to prove if no males are playing this at some point in time?

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