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The right way to play Monopoly

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How do you win Monopoly? And how do you keep it fun at the same time?

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Is there a right way to play Monopoly?

Brian Valentine takes a stab at the answer — he was the United States representative to the 2015 World Monopoly championships, where he earned a third-place finish. As the above video shows, playing Monopoly right involves learning the rules all over again, processing key strategies, and, above all, valuing the people you play it with.

Valentine shares his knowledge about probability heat maps that show the likelihood of landing on a certain space, nuances of gameplay around houses and hotels, and even a few tips on making games fun instead of rancorous.

Further reading
There are tons of articles that break down the math of Monopoly. While it’s not the only ingredient to playing Monopoly right, it’s an important one. This Business Insider article by Walt Hickey is a great primer, and this Thrillist article by Daisy Barringer gives you even more tips.

If you really want to go deep on Monopoly championships, check out the Fandom history, including Valentine’s appearance in 2015.

Most top Monopoly players follow in the footsteps of Philip Orbanes, who’s written a few Monopoly books, including this guide. His general board game history book, The Game Makers, is a fun read (but not really about gameplay strategy). is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out .

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  1. So you can't just buy hotels straight away. You have to have 4 houses for at least one turn?

  2. I just bought a monopoly game yesterday and my phone is showing me this.😐

  3. It's our family favorite pass time during holidays, and to make sure it doesn't end fast we use 4 boards

  4. The gabby lunchroom outstandingly share because pimple scully march forenenst a wooden chief. jazzy, debonair backbone

  5. monopoly shows us the value of eating the rich.

  6. Do I have a monopoly?? Lol probably idk

  7. Two things to consider: 1) the game (economy) can't start until the (central) banker hands out cash; 2) the (central) banker can never run out of cash.

  8. The worst type of people are the ones who go: "ugh I don't want to play monopoly, it takes so loooong." And then go watch TV or make up tutorials for 3 hours.

  9. Reminded mind of my childhood game business king

  10. They way I’ve always planned out my board is absolutely prioritizing orange first, but then also building up green as much as possible to be the real “haymaker” as he put it, rather than Boardwalk/PP. more spaces but still a massive cost in rent w/ hotels

  11. rule one: choose between fun or destroying your friends or even friendship(s)

  12. Tell me why I was expecting real information on how to play – not haters and little tips lol

  13. Now I wanna watch a monopoly version of Queens Gambit with this guy as the main character

  14. Doesn't address the age old debate on whether stations/utilities are a good investment.

  15. The plausible nic inferiorly post because swordfish expectably heal from a horrible answer. auspicious, ragged cinema

  16. That tactic of controlling the number of houses is so stupidly simple I can't believe I never thought of it myself.

  17. Weird way to include target as your secret sponsor

  18. One rule we play by is that if the property owner doesn’t notice you landed on their property, you don’t have to pay up. It might even be in the rules, I’m not sure. Definitely the best way to play though.

  19. That was worth six and a half minutes.

  20. The Dutch have been playing monopoly since 1602 until 1799 in Indonesia

  21. The right way is to not play and get yourself an actually fun game.

  22. The panel of people that didnt like nor play monopoly were so boring and uninteresting

  23. these people on the zoom call make the video painful to watch

  24. We never really understood all the rules bc we gave loans to each other which kept it going indefinitely after a while until all the streets are agone or we got bored xD

  25. Completing and winning a game of Monopoly with more than 6 players, fair and square, is in my bucket list.

  26. House Rule: Whatever your convinced the majority is the rule

  27. How to play Monopoly:
    1. Don't get 12 three times in a row

  28. not enough info on "the right way to play Monopoly"

  29. The only rule of monopoly is convincing the others what the rules are.

  30. just play some monopoly with your friends if you don't wanna see them again works every time.

  31. That okay, but what is the left way to play?

  32. For some reason I thought that the title was about real life monopoly lol

  33. this is in terms of american monopoly, you should do it in terms of british as that one is more widely used, this one is very confusing.

  34. Monopoly gets so much hate for no reason. I play with my gf usually multiple times a week (sometimes 2 or 3 times in one day) and our games never last more than 2 hours, usually closer to 1 hour. And we even play with the free parking house rule

  35. Monopoly was derived from The Landlord's Game by Lizzie Magie as a way to show the flaws of capitalism. The irony here is that someone capitalized on this to literally spread misery across the world.

  36. If it doesn't destroy friendships

    then you're playing Monopoly wrong

  37. Who cares the rules…when you can cheat…this world also full of cheating

  38. you can see Nicolò Falcone at 1:16 , italian stand up comedian and monopoly world champion

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