The Shortest Possible Game of Monopoly -

The Shortest Possible Game of Monopoly

Brett Gossage
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I show how, in just TWO moves each, two players can have the shortest possible game of Monopoly.


  1. Even faster game than in the video P1: 6,4 – just visitingP2: 6,4 – just visitingP1: 3,3 – buys that property. 1,1 – buys that property. 3,1 – Chance, Go back 3 spaces, Buys the final Orange propertyBuilds 9 houses, 3 on eachP2: 3,3 – 550 rent. During p2s turn, p1 buys 2 more houses and a hotelP2: Rolls 1,2 – Hotel 1000 rent but only has 950, BANKRUPT

  2. wow this is really interesting. i speedrun the video game version and theorized a perfect run that only takes a single turn from each player, however it's only possible because of the way the video game works. it's also reliant on such absurd RNG that it will likely never happen haha

  3. Also a monopoly game can end in seconds by literally one player just gives all their money to the other player and then go bank rupt by trying to buy something it's just that simple

  4. Wow I have to show my friend this he wonder the odds of this when it happened when we were playing. Thanks for the great video

  5. Very interesting! I think that happens very rarely…

  6. So yeah, this will never happen because people always will by any properties they land on.
    So the chance is 0.000000% because you actually need to play into this strategy for it ever to be possible.

    I want to mortgage my time I invested in this: so please give my 90" and I'll leave the time I typed, for this time.

  7. The rules also say that if you choose not to buy a property, you go to auction and someone has to buy it.

  8. Why didn't the electric company go up for auction? Flawed from move 1.

  9. you need to pass go before buying properties

  10. and u cant buy five houses it has to be 2 and 2 or 3 and 3 an
    also you didn't change the 1150$ to 150

  11. cool video and demonstration; well done!!

  12. Or you could just trade the other person everything you have on your first go

  13. I have a game that has lasted over 10 hours and still have not finished yet

  14. Thank you for breaking down that impossible-to-follow video from 10 years ago, this makes a lot more sense

  15. You can’t refuse to buy the electronic company. You have to Auction it.

  16. A slightly shorter game: player 2 rolls 1 and 3 on his first turn so only gets one move. On his second turn, he rolls 1 and 2 and lands on the first Chance.

  17. Trillions or Billions, that is the question…..

  18. I play 4 person monopoly by myself all the time. I actually created a series about how to be better at Monopoly on my channel.

  19. No there’s faster. You can just take your opponents money and run. Not cheating, it’s called StRaTeGy

  20. Can’t you just land on an Unowned property and auction all the money and other dudes lands on it and repeat that idk

  21. I had a game go similar to this but not this quick

  22. U already broke the rules in the first few seconds. You have to auction off unpurchased property

  23. There’s a faster way if you use auctions.

  24. Wierd that English people have different named properties in monopoly

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