The Simpsons - Monopoly Night -

The Simpsons – Monopoly Night

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A fun game of Monopoly takes a bad turn

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  1. The Parker Bros. have been dead for…. so that's how.

  2. An iron would do a better job than my landlord

  3. Lisa Simpson she takes Bart Simpson needs to stay away from homer Simpson about choking his son s neck Marge Simpson she told her husband to stopping fighting such other it's won't happened ever again

  4. Monopoly and Uno are the heavyweight tag team of multi-player social anarchy (and/or sadism)

  5. Homer: “1, 2, 3, D’oh!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I told it was to be like this on the outside

  7. If I were living in the Simpsons universe, I'd play Edna Kraboppoly, I bet she had great legs. RIP, Mrs K!!

  8. What’s great is that I own “Simpsons Monopoly”, not “Simpsonopoly”

  9. How do those Parker brothers sleep at night?

    On a large pile of money surrounded by many beautiful ladies.

  10. I wonder what would've happened if the Simpsons played the game of Life?

  11. I have two unusual Monopoly's: Roald Dahl and a here and now from my home city. The Roald Dahl one has the best tokens. My favourite is the stack of books (best Dahl book and I love books anyway), but there's also a mouse, a cauldron of George's medicine, a peach, a sweet and one or two others. Chance and Community Case are Wonka bars and Golden Tickets. My hometown has photos of the area or attraction. Last time, I owned the War Memorial Museum. One of my friends landed on the Museum of Transport and Technology, but turned it down because we all agreed it wasn't as good as it was when we were kids.

  12. "Rosta-Mon-Opoly" lol
    its funnier read than heard

  13. To be fair I do not mind other versions of Monopoly, I mean it is a stupid game anyway, I mean a boot? A top hat? The only token that makes sense is the dog at least that is a living thing, they now have a cat, a duck, a penguin and a dinosaur, the tokens are cat, duck, dog, dinosaur, car and ship, I am glad they got rid of the top hat, the iron and the boot.

  14. none of them even realized that Bart wasn't playing correctly. he had a bunch of hotels on Marvin gardens and nothing on the other two yellow properties.

  15. That feels too accurate, playing Monopoly is a nightmare.

  16. 1:11 Before Lisa was born?! Wait, Lisa is 8 and Bart is 10, that means Homer started strangling Bart when this latter was… OH GOD!

  17. As an Australian I would love to play Galipolopoly and lose immediately

  18. Mario Party
    “I’m going to steal your star for the lead on the last turn”
    “WHY YOU LITTLE!!!!!”

  19. I think about Edna Kraboppoly once a year for absolutely no reason. I think we all probably have random simpson jokes like that

  20. This is a prime example of how a game can ruin everything from relationships to childhoods.

  21. I love when Bart Simpson welcomes homer to Marvin gardens.

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