The Surprising History Behind Monopoly | Doha Debates -

The Surprising History Behind Monopoly | Doha Debates

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Did you know board game Monopoly was created by an anticapitalist? This is the forgotten history of Monopoly.
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  1. None of this shit would have happened if the Romanovs had been protected , but failed, by their cousins in Britain.

  2. I love free markets and capitalism. Let the people be free, we will always take care of the old, the feeble, the poor, the children, the minorities, the immigrates, and support the people who make their own way. Capitalism is the fairest, most just, most equate system ever invented. Glory to the people who make their own way and provide for others.

  3. Dang it Marty you changed the time-line. We need to go back to 1955!

  4. Monopoly show the biggest flaw of capitalism, i.e. selling an inferior product and having huge success doing it. Monopoly might be a bestseller, but it's a bad board game.

  5. Capitalism is slavery on steroids.1. It forces you to work for food, water and shelter (basic human needs). Tell your kids they can not get food, water or shelter until they get a job and they will lock you up. (Physical Slavery and Mental Slavery)2. Capitalism also mines you for your creativity then calls it their own. It's called business. Work 50 years for a drug company to cure cancer… Guess what, that's the drug companies cure not yours! (Creative/Mental Slavery)But since you and the rest of us are born into this system we are indoctrinated, programmed. groomed to believe that this is the how life is, this is the best we can do.(Chattel Slavery – Your parents were indoctrinated into the system then you were automatically born a slave by default)So you being happy that "capitalism wins again" is an enslaved human being not realizing that they are enslaved. But that is the point of capitalism. So… yes capitalism wins again

  6. Capitalism doesn't have pitfalls – the disasterous situation the capitalists have dumped us into is a feature and not a flaw.

  7. She sounds like she wasn’t very good at her own game, or at the game of capitalism. She could have been rich.

  8. It was invented by Charles Darrow. I recommend people go watch a reputable source, like the Smithsonian Channel, and not this woman "or do you identify as a sock?" spreading feminist propaganda.

  9. Not to be funny but she literally went against her own beliefs by selling out and allowing herself to be monopolized

  10. Every bit of this is ironic. Anti capitalist creates monopoly. Then sold it for $500. The buyer then millions, 😂

  11. Of course it was a woman the invented the game but credit was stolen from her!!!

  12. Elizabeth Magie, the inventor who inspired by Henry George, 1903Charles Darrow, reinventor and seller to Parker Brothers 1932-1935

  13. Classic e-commerce with a modern twist says:

    The irony of a game that was 'supposedly' against capitalism is now the quintessential capitalist game. But that's the power of free enterprise. $500 was a fair price for an anti-capitalist, and millions of dollars is fair compensation for the capitalist. Proves the point

  14. The MONOPOLY MAN has never worn a Monocle, it's a Mandela Effect

  15. This game’s success highlights the beauty of capitalism

  16. I didn't know the history of the game until today know wonder I loved the game I used to play it by myself when I was little. It was invented by a woman.

  17. Did anyone notice he had one looking Glass eye piece.

  18. Pitfalls of capitalism. What a nonsense..

  19. your accent is better than Sherlock Holmes 🙂

  20. It was not about showing the pitfalls of capitalism. It was about showing the detriments of monopolies, especially on land (or natural resources in general). Henry George, who was the original inspiration for Elizabeth Magie, wanted to show how landlords monopolising rent were detrimental both to the productive power of labour AND capital. For him labour and capital were in symbiosis, while the real "dog in the manger" was the landlord monopolist who withheld (or held for ransom) a vital means of production (land) and provided nothing of benefit to society in return. The failure of modern progressives to understand this is mostly because the importance of land (natural resources) in production has been forgotten – partly through the efforts of those interested in defending the institution of landed property.

  21. Why do they make unfettered capitalism and greed sound like it's a thing of the past? Lol

  22. She was an anti-monopolist, not an anti-capitalist.

  23. I KNOW somebody has time traveled cuz I know for a FACT that the monopoly guy had a monicle

  24. Henry George idea was to give all citizens a share from Land Value Tax. Mentioned by Guy Standing in his book Basic Income and How to Make it Happen.

  25. Lizzie Magie was not anti-capitalist; she opposed monopoly privilege. Nor was Henry George anti-capitalist. He believed in the private ownership of tangible, capital goods but argued the case for the community ownership of land.

  26. "Laissez-failre capitalism" LOL Yah right. Railroad barrons were getting a big help from the govt. It certainly was not laissez-faire

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