The TRUTH about the MCDONALD'S MONOPOLY GAME 🤯 #shorts -

The TRUTH about the MCDONALD’S MONOPOLY GAME 🤯 #shorts

AntiFragile Podcast w Hayden Schaap & Rich Chavez
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  1. Funny cuz my family was really trying to win this shit bro.

  2. Every single winner?? Damn I won hella free fries. Mob ties babyyy 😎

  3. I remember I needed Pennsylvania in 4th grade to win a new a car… a girl got it and wouldn’t give it to me I was so pissed I should’ve slap the shit outta her

  4. I know a mf who won an xbox one when it was new

  5. I worked for the company that put the pieces on the food boxes. Decent security but not Fed level. Don't think we shipped them to the east coast mob from our warehouse. 🤔

  6. It wasn’t the mob it was a guy who was in charge of the little tickets and he would take them for his friends and family

  7. Yeah and when they print littery the same train or go to jail sticker then they will try to ease ur mind heres free 🍟 free 🍦free soft drink yeah i knew something was way off with the mcdonals game

  8. Nope, I have a friend who won a car. Aren't affiliated with mobsters whatsoever.

  9. Monopoly game is currently on right now in the UK.

  10. It wasn't the mob, but it was one guy and his friends

  11. It’s weird to think the mob is still around..

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