The Ultimate Monopoly Strategy Guide -

The Ultimate Monopoly Strategy Guide

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If you have to play Monopoly you might as well win, right?

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  1. did anyone notice the titles of the other tabs he had open while showing the stats?

  2. How do those Hassenfeld brothers sleep at night ??

  3. It would be interesting to see a Monopoly game between opponents who had all watched this video and used its tips.

  4. Can you please help me? I wanna creat my own monopoly board game. But i don't know lists of things, how to give property's prices, how many number of money need, what to write in chance and community chest. ……etc. So can you, the ppl who have their own physical board or who know the place (website) where i can get list of things in monopoly help me please?

  5. I used this, and I had hotels on all of the yellow monopolies. I whooped EVERYONE out of the game.

  6. I must admit I never realized the game had an Auction rule. The reason why however was we were taught you always buy what ever property you land on no matter what, even if you have to MORTGAGE some or all of your existing property. Most people don't know this strategy but once they have played the game with me and show them the rules, they never pass on a property any more either.

  7. I have always gone for the orange and red properties …. now I know why … lol

  8. Some people want to apply the strategy of blocking everyone from completing a monopoly. That doesn't work many times. Suppose you get to have one property of every color and your idea is not allowing anyone to complete a monopoly. You'd just make the game get stuck. In that case it is better to end the game and start another new one.
    In some cases you have no other choice than allowing a player to complete a monopoly as long as he allows you to complete a monopoly as well. ( When you make a deal with a player ). But however, don't allow him to complete a monopoly yet if you are short of money and the other player is in a much better financial position than you. Postpone the deal when you are at least in an even position with that player in the financial sense. This is when you should take the risk of letting him also complete a monopoly.

  9. I'm HUGELY disappointed that the yellow set can't compete with the top tier ones, same with railroads, I've always overestimated those

  10. 11:30 my girlfriend and I have a house rule that we don’t have to pay rent to criminals. Because their bank accounts are frozen. But they can still manage their properties from jail.

  11. i was watching this video to get monopoly strategies but then i realized i don’t know how to play

  12. Does this guy ever blink? Good video though

  13. In the beginning you should buy everything you come over. Later in the games utilities can be bad, but if you got both of them while 6 players are playing they can work

  14. I have won several monopoly competitions and have always used the same strategies:

    1. Jail is the spot visited most often (3 doubles + 2 go to jail cards + landing on go to jail). Therefore, the properties most likely to be landed on from jail are the best (the orange set). Always buy the orange set if you can.
    2. You don't need to build more than 3 houses on your set.
    3. "Go" is the second most visited spot (advance to go cards). Therefore, the properties most likely to be landed on from Go are the second best (the blue set). This can be the best set in a tight game.
    4. Trade swap deals as much as possible. This avoids having to deal in cash, as cash is king.
    5. The 4 stations are a great set in a 4+ player game.
    6. Complete trades to have a set as fast as possible in the game. A little bit of overpaying is okay.
    7. If you are playing with limited houses, always buy the brown set and build 4 houses each on it.

    I can guarantee that you will win a majority of monopoly games with these strategies.

  15. In the monopoly video game free parking gives you the tax money

  16. I'm really surprised you don't have more subs given the quality of the video

  17. Be the banker and cheat. Just like in real life.

  18. Buying every property you land on or that goes up for auction is a terrible idea. You can get broke very easily if you buy some expensive properties. I beat the other 2 players with just the light blues and they had all other properties. You need money early on in this game.

  19. What I found to be very effective is the mind game aspect of monopoly. When you play monopoly you have to talk like you are either 100% going to loose or 100% going to win. I found that acting like you have no chance of winning when you are In a decent spot makes people go easy on trades even if it’s only subconscious. If you are leading the game even if only slightly you have to act like you have a 100% chance of winning. I found you can scam people by claiming that their only chance of winning is an unfair trade in your favor

  20. My monopoly is

    Brown: old kent road and whitechapel road
    Station: kings cross
    Light blue:the angel islington, euston road and pentonville road
    Purple:pall mall, white hall and northumb`nd avenue
    Utility:electric company
    Station 2: marylebone
    Orange:bow street,marlborough street and vine street
    Red:strand, fleet street and Trafalgar square
    Station 3:fenchurch st
    Yellow:Leicester square, Coventry street and piccadilly
    Utility:water works
    Green:regent street, oxford street and bond street
    Station 4:liverpool
    Dark blue:park lane and mayfair


  21. This is a very helpful video. The strategies are all explained in detail and easy to understand. Well done! 😃

  22. Just wiped the entire table with hotels on all 24 properties I owed.

  23. This is a good tips but to make monopoly easier but the Indonesia version

  24. There's a lot of luck in the game. To increase your win percentage (against players who are competing at close to your level), you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of every property. They are ALL good in some way, but they can help you win in sometimes subtly different ways. Most players have biases about certain properties or monopolies. Talking with them helps you figure out what they want and how much they want it. As long as you're able to avoid over or undervaluing properties and deals because of your OWN biases, you should be able to take advantage of other players' biases and craft deals that will assist you more than the player you're dealing with.

  25. I once out of sheer luck was able to get all three dark green monopolies just by landing on them, and I did so extremely early. Nobody else had monopolies. So I just went for it and put up houses as quickly as possible. I got a few hits early on and it is at this point that I need to stress exactly how hard it is to build on the dark greens when it’s your only monopoly. Eventually I had enough to put hotels on them (something I’ve never seen done so early in the game, if ever) and I just waited. Nobody was gonna trade with me so this is all I had. Despite the other players not having monopolies, i still almost lost. They never landed on the dark greens. They went to jail or simply rolled past it. I was furious.

    It got to the point that they eventually started making one sided trades to try and take me down. They all gave their yellows to one player, who quickly built three houses. I was terrified. One hit on those and I’d have to sell back my hotels and I’d be done for.

    Fortunately the guy that got those yellows had a huge down tick on luck, hitting two of my dark green hotels on back to back turns, essentially ending the game.

    What I’m trying to say is don’t ever build on the dark greens. They’re way too expensive and are never consistently landed on. If I land on one early I’ll buy it to use as trading fodder to hopefully sucker in a player who’s desperate to put a monopoly together but I’ll never develop them or seek them out myself ever again. Really the only reason I won was because literally nobody else had monopolies. They stayed in the game through rent fees and passing go and were able to put three houses on the yellows. Had there been any other monopolies in those early stages of the game I would’ve lost for sure. I was teetering on bankruptcy the whole time as I had to sink money into my hotels.

    I can now say I’ve put hotels on every property at some point in my life and what everyone says is true. Oranges are the best and it’s not even close. Reds are too expensive but still great. Pinks are solid but don’t seem to get landed on as much. Yellows are fine and a reliable enough way to win. Light blues aren’t a good way to win but early on can really swing momentum your way. Browns are super cheap but don’t count on other players hitting them too often because they won’t. Blues are a great one punch knockout and the fact that there’s only two makes it a manageable investment but park place rarely sees action. I’m not lying when I say that once I played a two hour game and nobody ever landed on park place. Ever. And the greens? Fuck them.

  26. Listen carefully..I play online everyday at least 2 games per day I love strategy works 85% of the time.. 1 buy up and trade up all railroads as fast as possible. 2 only focus one 1 color set try not to get stuck with the green or yellow color set. 3 if someone won't trade become an economic hitman and target the other players who own his interests.4 try to get both utilities. 5 don't bother with pp and bw unless you have no other options.6 once you have at least 3 railroads and ONE color set save as much as possible..I find 4 houses works best unless you have brown or light blue sets then build hotels. 7 sit back and bask in your glory as your opponents go broke..You're welcome

  27. How do auctions slow down the game? I mean if you do it slowly maybe. But you actually speed up the pace of buying up the board which means more money exchanging hands, more chances to develop spots that will bankrupt your opponent…

  28. OMG youtube auto played. I'm only 5 seconds into the video. Is Jim Halpert about to teach me monopoly strats. I could totally see this as one of his Dwight pranks/ jokes

  29. In some ways the free parking rule actually speeds up the game, especially in a low number of players, someone lands on and gets a windfall of several hundred, they likely spend their windfall on a ton of houses

  30. 1991 my friends thought I was nuts for buying Monopoly for the NES.

    Eventually we had a tourney of about 50 ppl.

    The real fun begins when all the property gets bought out and the trading starts.

  31. my team have developed algorythims for OPERATION../ POP UP PIRATE./ BUCKAROO & TWISTER… we have spent 10 years alone on HUNGRY HIPPO,S & hope to have a full working algorythim by 2027 "GUARENTEED" to QUADROOPLE YOUR CHANCES BY %25 ..1 IN 4 USING THIS METHOD WILL WIN 4/16ths of the time meening 3 ppl WILL LOSE EVERYTIME U WIN …LOL

  32. Death row or coffin corner. 2 sets next to each other is almost always a W

  33. As A wise man once said:
    If ur playing monopoly, remember you gotta be the capitalist pig. Have money, because when everyone is poor after buying everything you have the money

  34. The most efficient strategy for winning monopoly is to gain power early. Buy every single property you land on. Trade to get at least 1 property in each color group. Once this is achieved, you have complete control of the game. Total power. Nothing happens without your involvement. Nothing. This leverage is essential. After this point, never make any deal unless you have the cash to immediately develop, but your opponent does not. Stick to your guns. Be patient. Eventually your opponent will take the deal even though it is disadvantageous to them because they want to get the game moving.

    The downside of this strategy is that eventually no one will want to play with you anymore because you ALWAYS win. Seriously. Every time.

    Just like real life, money is a product of power. Without power, it means nothing. Gain power, win.

  35. At some point in the video, I started to re-evaluate my life choices of buying the new house

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