This Game of Monopoly Made Me Hate Monopoly -

This Game of Monopoly Made Me Hate Monopoly

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Another case of Monopoly related violence, how can those Parker brothers sleep at night
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  1. Without the rails there can be no Monopoly

  2. You know what other rounds of Monopoly makes its players hate Monopoly?
    All of them… its Monopoly.

  3. Nogla's gonna be real bitter when one of his dumb trades work, and then he loses every single cent to everyone else.

    And I'd love to see it. XD

  4. 8:38 the trains are closed, however, there is a replacement bus service.

  5. “I for one welcome our public transport overlords”

  6. “Y’know if this keeps going I’m just gonna burn the city down”-Nero, probably

  7. "I'm trying to do big brain plays and I'm not a smart women" needs to be a t-shirt. I'm a guy and I'd wear it.

  8. Just in the middle of the video I noticed that this was a RT video and not a Kevin one… I fell ashamed RT…

  9. It would be kind of cool if you could teleport your piece to one of the other train stations after paying the owner

  10. Kinda surprised that the video isnt at least a few hour long

  11. Someone needs to make a mod where you can develop the area without buying all the tiles of the same color.

  12. "This game of monopoly made me hate monopoly"
    Monopoly oversimplified

  13. 1:53
    "What could a dog have possibly done to go to jail ?"
    Being a bïtch ?

  14. "it's a little bit pricey but fock it"
    Famous last words

  15. "She went from the most innocent person in the beginning to, YEAH B*TCH THIS IS MY TRAIN STATION"
    Power changes people, man
    What can I say ?

  16. With this crew Daniel had the vocal inflections if a young Jerry Seinfeld lol

  17. (Sees the title) Ah yes, a common sentiment

  18. Nogla: what could have a dog done to go to jail
    America: uuuuuuummmmmmm

  19. Ah, my favorite streamers: RTGame, Call Me Kevin, Daithi de Nogla, Terroriser, and NEHBKA

  20. These aren’t the US names either, bow street is not a place in the UK or US version. The US version is based off Atlantic City NJ, and Bow Street is not a street there.

  21. No no it your friends made you mad not monopoly

  22. SwordSaberDark SpankenheimerGloryGreatest says:

    Now, I want the Irish lads to play call of duty or some fps

  23. Okay but more importantly, who won? HAHAHA probably Kevin and honestly, I'm fine with that

  24. It took me way too long to realise that Monopoly had different places depending where you are. I thought it was all British places no matter what version you had

  25. I'm the person in Monopoly who cheats by taking too much money from the bank by "accident"

  26. monopoly is the reason why there's no free parking

  27. Bro this video gave me PTS FUCKING D of when I used to play this with my family

  28. It astonishes me how broken this port of monopoly is still 7 years after it's release

  29. im so glad i dont have friends like Nogla

  30. A bunch of ex cons get bamboozled by a sweet yet power hungry slumlord

  31. "This game of monopoly made me hate Monopoly"
    -Me, after playing my first game of Monopoly

  32. I'm also going to be streaming Groundhog Day VR when this comment is an hour old. This is a VR sequel to the original movie starring Bill Murray, where he lives the same day of his life over and over again

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