This Game of Monopoly Made Me Hate Monopoly -

This Game of Monopoly Made Me Hate Monopoly

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Another case of Monopoly related violence, how can those Parker brothers sleep at night
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  1. Fun fact monopoly was made by communists and it was made to end in an argument which is why it always ends in an argument so establish the rules clearly before playing so that it probably won’t end in an argument

  2. Wait wait wait daith terrorisor with rt games wow isn't that neat

  3. I would buy properties of strategic value from other people for seemingly unreasonable amounts of money or even other properties so they would always accept. Then I would get back that 500.

  4. I like how when you browse the comments you see the name "Kevin" a lot in Dan's version of the gameplay

  5. This sounds like my family when we play monopoly.

  6. "Is it us or the game"
    It's Monopoly; it's the game. IT was designed that way

  7. Nolga: If this was COD, you'd all be getting wrecked.
    Kevin: I dunno about that.
    Me 3 months ago: Haha, Kevin funny
    Me now: zXNoRegretzzXz nearly just killed that man…

  8. “This game of Monopoly made me hate Monopoly”

    *Every game of Monopoly makes you hate Monopoly*

  9. 'I for one welcome our public transport overlords'

  10. Don’t blame the names on us, we have the normal names as well “The Angel” it must be the French

  11. I'll never get over Kiwo saying "You shut your whore mouth". Gets me everytime.

  12. i think we all knew kevin would have one with that one big brain play near the start

  13. The property names in monopoly are based off street names in some city in New Jersey. So the american version is actually the oringinal

  14. This tile isn’t great, this could be literally every game of monopoly ever

  15. the problem: monopoly is fun
    the solution: play with friends

  16. One who prevails by the rail fails by the rail.

  17. We are 5 turns into monopoly, and the kitchen is on fire, we are planning anarchy, 2 people have died, 1 of us has reverted back to a feral nature, and I have enslaved my friends because I have a railroad

  18. A cute voice in between a bunch of stone Irishmen is.. interesting.

  19. The one way to beat Monopoly is to buy all the railroads.

  20. daithi is obnoxious, full stop. i hate having to suffer through him in these videos.

  21. This game is so garbage I don't think I have seen a single game actually finish without crashing haha, makes for a good video now and then

  22. As kiwo’s empire collapses, The Empire of Kevin rises

  23. The Irish lads: Invite British person to play with them

    Also The Irish Lads when the British person plays the game: A N G Y

  24. 1:42 Dathi: If this is call of duty you'll all be getting wreak, ZxNoRegretszzXz: I don't know about that.

  25. Kevin is just the Genghis khan of monopoly

  26. Wait does the EU version of this game use the US names? That’s lazy as shit

  27. Nogla was a total asshole here.

  28. Kevin makes a little bit of money and is immediately thrown in jail , sounds about capitalist

  29. never understood playing a virtual game of monopoly. half the fun in monopoly is cheating

  30. The NA version of the game is all named after Atlantic City NJ, that’s why the names are the way they are

  31. Mr monopoly could never be trusted

  32. Watching this hurt my soul. but it was funny as fuck so whatever.

  33. On Kevin’s point on the American Version, we don’t have a space named the angel, it’s still just Oriental Avenue;

  34. We have Oriental Avenue in America, this is confusing.

  35. And thus, we add two more names to the list of victims to Ubisoft's shitty, unoptimized game.

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