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Monopoly is the friendship destroyer… the bond breaker… the world annihilator… and it will be the end of us all.



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  1. For anyone who’s wondering, monopoly mans name is Rich Uncle Pennybags

  2. the rules of little man: phawk wade get paid

  3. Anyone know what the intro music was? Sounded awesome

  4. 35:39, OMG the instant karma for Wade when kept shit-talking mark's strat and he is literally forced to go for mark's properties cuz he has no other choices. XDD

  5. "This game is a tease" Oh yeah, almost as if it was never meant as an actual game that is fun, but a depiction of the inherent unfairness and dangers of unregulated capitalism

  6. Wise man once said "got to go fast, just like my income,

  7. I know they are all friends, but why Wade and Bob always support each other and never Mark? Like… Always, in most of the games.

  8. the absolute best quote in this whole series:
    "le puss on le buss"

  9. Now I know why rich people prefer jail than pay their moneu out

  10. 51:46
    Wade: We should never play Monopoly again.
    Me: I see they now know what the game does to them.

  11. I actually looked up the rules on the speed dice. The little man is great if there are unowned properties, but terrible if all the properties have been bought. It basically speeds up the game by making you buy properties faster and then lose money faster after everyone buys all the properties. Also, it counts your movement from the number dice BEFORE it has you jump to the nearest qualifying property.
    You know, in case anybody still cares.

  12. So uuuhhh, if someone wants to know the monopoly property tier list… I gotchu

    S Tier; Orange (Is the most cost effective while being significantly pricey for what it's worth, )

    A Tier; Pink (Is the same price as the Orange but at a significantly worse average price, but also significantly better than Light Blue), Light Blue (Is the best cheap property and actually has a significant amount of money when you get hotels)

    B Tier; Dark Blues (There are only two of them and there are significant chances to avoid them, however they are the most expensive cards to land on and have an entire card dedicated to landing on them. Though, they are also one of the most costly cards for the owner)

    C Tier; Yellow, Red, Green (All of these cards are here for the same reason, too expensive and not worth it compared to the Oranges. Greens are 40% more expensive and cost twice as much when compared to the Oranges; and the Red and Yellow are only slightly better because they cost less)

    D Tier; Railroads (Cost a good bit of money, but it's more expensive to buy all 4 railroads than it is to make the Browns into hotels and they are less of a hassle for your competitors, but they do have a couple of cards that both force you to land on them and pay extra), Brown (Literally only worth it for the fact that it's the cheapest to get to hotel, but even at a hotel only one out of the two of them is expensive enough to make a dent in the wallet of your competitors), Utilities (Too situational and not enough of a chance for any player to land on them, everyone forgets they exist. Needs a buff)

    Most of my reasonings come from this website who supplied data, also they provide a guide on how to play Monopoly better which I find hilarious.

    TLDR; I made a meme of me seriously making a Monopoly Property Tier List and posting it on a Markiplier YouTube video… God I need to find something to do with my life.

  13. Start of the Game
    Mark: Gets a property
    Bob: Lands on Marks property
    Mark: Give me your 6 WHOLE dollars
    In the same round at the end
    Bob: Gets Boardwalk
    Mark: Lands on board walk
    Bob: (What he should have said) Hey, remember those $6, Yea I want that back plus $44
    Mark: I just spit on your ground Spits

  14. So the part where bob bankrupt i notice was kinda like cars in the final race Bob was The King ,Mark was Lightning and Wade was Chick Hicks …Bob(the king) had a crash right befor the win and Mark(lightning) stopped his win out of respect and in the end Wade (Chick) was victorious … dang it Wade 😑😑😑

  15. This game is called Monopoly because, when you initially play this game you have one (Mono) emotion, and after and during this game you will have multiple (poly) emotions.

  16. The couple of minutes build up to 35:40 and the slow realisation in Mark's head that he's got Wade screwed is fucking beautiful, it's like poetry in motion.

  17. mark "no, my money! my money! let me die with my money!… BURY ME WITH MY MONEY!!"

  18. Wade is such a bad player xD i know cuz i am just as bad! Takes one to fucking no one xD

  19. you should try the bunny monopoly one on the desktop

  20. Never in my life has ice looked so delicious hahaha

  21. Mark didn't want to be free. He was left in luxury. No need for prison break, when hard times were totally great 🙂

  22. Meanwhile after the video

    Wade: Ive come to trade in Boardwalk….
    Rick: Best I can do is $10

  23. what's the conversion rate of Monopoly money?

  24. Love how Wave says "Dumbest play" yet he's the one buying houses when no one's near every time he gets 200 just to sell it back half the price.

  25. Wade trying to sing don't stop me now by queen made me so happy-

  26. Bob's "Kinda" in the beginning was so genuine lol

  27. You can tell that Bob is from Cincinnati by the way he said “Reading Railroad”

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