This Monopoly Game Ruined My Life -

This Monopoly Game Ruined My Life

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This week, I played some MONOPOLY PLUS with my friends Therm, Seanie, and Matt. I now remember why I stopped playing Monopoly many years ago. But hey, this city is really nice!! 🤩

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Matt Before Free Parking
12:10 – Matt Post Free Parking
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  1. Yo how did I never know Charlie was hot

  2. I’ve watched this video at least ten times and “Ends? UNMET” still makes me giggle

  3. Haven’t even watched it yet, and am laughing at the “Matt before free parking” and “Matt post free parking”.

  4. Haven’t even watched it yet, and am laughing at the “Matt before free parking” and “Matt post free parking”.

  5. am i the only one who hasn’t seen her face-? she’s so so prettyyy!!!

  6. I like that Charlie mentions I wish foreignduckslap will win and he actually wins

  7. damn why was that so chaotic i literaly had flash backs to the time i went to queensland and nearly oofed myself cus i landed on my mums mayfar X_X

  8. WE NEED MORE STARDEW EXPANDED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls I love ur vids❤❤❤

  9. god i love monoploy plus
    when youre in a rough spot w your friends or family, i recommend playing this with them bc its a good excuse to get mad

  10. this video was a wild ride, just like monopoly should be! i'm sorry amandine really screwed it for you charlie. you won in my heart!

  11. Well, it's Monopoly, so I'm guessing 0 friends at the end.

  12. Would love to see more content like this playing different games and with your friends!

  13. I love this Channel so much just constant bangers every time great time Charlie

  14. Wait is this game free [once google later] okay its not free but it looks fun regardless and I would buy it if my friends actually had steam

    We used to play monopoly during the boring parts of the semester back in college

  15. I love you sm and me and my family just started playing monopoly and you posted a video about it the same day this makes me so happy 😭

  16. I generally win monopoly, so I kinda like it…but only when everyone has a fighting chance otherwise it's not fun anymore. So the end is often a bit sad.

  17. Im in love with your content you guys can make a game as boring as monopoly and make it entertaining to watch

  18. I don’t have to watch the video to know the answer to how many friends you have left by the end is 0

  19. ah yes, i love getting to the point in a monopoly game where people are happy about being sent to jail because it's like a free vacation 😂

  20. The refusal to pay for rent because the service was rubbish is peak monopoly it unlocked several core memories lol

  21. You're telling me that you guys managed to play and complete a game of online monopoly!? Every time my friends and I play it ends up crashing

  22. This was so funny it erased all the scars I had from playing the actual board game! 💗 Charlie Barley

  23. Congrats on finally getting the computer chair !!!

  24. "Looks like you're coming to the Boardwalk, kiddo. Have a $30 hotdog!" – Seanie 😂👏🏼

  25. I just played monopoly as well and steamrolled everyone I is fun when you are winning not so much when losing unless playing with friends

  26. I've heard that disconnecting thing happens a lot with that Monopoly game and that's what has kept me from buying it 🙁

  27. Omg I love this video so much 🤣. This is what my sleep deprived brain needed ay 8am. Lol 😆

  28. I have never played monopoly, but it seems… entertaining

  29. So proud of Matt for that comeback story

  30. okay Charlie is so pretty and funny and wow

  31. That free parking rule is a house rule that ruins the game imo. Entertaining to watch the game completely turn around though. 😂

  32. This was so entertaining to watch. 🤣

  33. Can we just talk about how freaking pretty Charlie is in the intro😍😍

  34. Holy cow. It's cool to see what you look like.

  35. i’ve seen so many tragedies with Ubisoft’s monopoly
    there’s always tabletop simulator

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